How best vastu consultant in Kolkata resolves vastu defects without demolition?

How best vastu consultant in Kolkata resolves vastu defects without demolition?

There is a common misconception among people notes, best vastu consultant in Kolkata. They assume that it requires extensive demolition in order to correct any vastu defect. 

But the truth is, best vastu consultant in Kolkata can resolve 9 out of 10 vastu defects with effective remedies. There are many, many useful vastu remedies available out there. 

Today, we will take a look at 10 must commonly used and effective vastu remedies that works like wonder. So, let us begin. 

  1. Vastu items- there are a wide range of vastu items available for vastu correction. These include vastu pyramid, kuber yantra, brass bull, vastu turtle and so on. You must place them in specific zones in order to fix a certain defect. Random placement will do no good at all.  
  1. Elixer- elixer is a special kind of vastu item that is offered by Vastuvid Pinaki Pal, best vastu consultant in Kolkata. This vastu item can overcome many vastu defects in a single shot. The best part it, it can be installed in the flooring of the vastu quite easily. 
  1. Color therapy- the interiors colors play a huge role in balancing the overall vastu of any property as well. Any imbalance in the same can result in severe defects. For instance, having red color interiors in north zone or blue color interiors in kitchen area are considers as vastu defects. It needs correction and vastu color therapy is the best way of doing so. 
  1. Colorful bulbs- this works in similar way as the previous point, but in specific zone. For instance in some toilet vastu defect, you might need to install a red color bulb and keep it lit 24/7 overcome its ill-effects. 
  1. Vastu salt- this is an extremely helpful remedy that is used in number of defects. Vastu salt can be kept in any zone to absorb all the negativity from around it. alternatively, it can be carried in vehicle or in person as well to carry good vibes. However, remember that you must discard it once its energy is used up. It cannot be reenergized and so change the batch of salt once every week. 
  1. Paintings- paintings have significant impact in our lives. Good paintings boost ones mood and this technique is used by best vastu consultant in Kolkata to enhance the property vastu as well. There are several themes of paintings that can be used for channeling positive energy around it. 
  1. Space surgery technique- this techniques uses metal strips like Brass, Aluminum, iron, Stainless Steel and copper. You need to install strips of these metals in 5 mm thickness under the flooring of main door or toilet to overcome many defects in it. Depending upon the directional zone the specific metal changes.   
  1. Mirrors- mirrors are both everyday item and vastu item. It can be used to create illusion an extension to overcome the vastu defect of cuts in vastu. Moreover, mirrors can be used to channel sunlight into the room along with its good energies and vibes. However, there are certain dos and don’ts for mirror placement that you must stick to. 
  1. Indoor plants- plants are great way of enhancing good energies in any vastu. You must place several indoor plants in the vastu, especially money plant, snake plant, bamboo plant etc. But bear in mind that some plants are forbidden as per best vastu consultant in Kolkata, like cactus, bonsai etc. 
  1. Pearls- in the field of vastu shastra, pearls are more than just for ornament purpose. Peals can also be used for overcoming many vastu defects. You need to either place some pearls in a silver bowl or install pearls in floor of the zone where the defect lies. Bear in mind that you must use high quality pearls for it to work effectively. 

Apart from these, vastuwise maintenance is quite crucial to overcome many defects. For instance, bad smell coming from toilet is a defect, but it can resolve quite easily by installing good quality air fresher inside it. 

Moreover, cleaning and dusting regularly can help overcome negative that otherwise form due to cluttering. You must also discard the old, broken, items from home routinely.

You need a combination of the vastu remedies as listed above in order to overcome the ill-effects vastu defects that looms in your property. However, you cannot just randomly use them on your own. 

To know which remedies are most suited for your need, get in touch with us at Vaastu Mangaal. We offer complete vastu guidance for all your needs as given by best vastu consultant in Kolkata. 

With the expert advice, your vastu defects can be resolved effectively. Book an appointment with us today at Vaastu Mangaal, one of the best vastu agencies in Kolkata!

Description- Best vastu consultant in Kolkata lists out 10 ways through which vastu defects can be corrected without demolition.