How to choose a neurological hospital in Malaysia?

How to choose a neurological hospital in Malaysia?

Malaysian Neurological Hospital is renowned for hospitality and patient care. The neurologists at this hospital in Malaysia specialize in their specialties. However, choosing the right hospital to treat international patients can be confusing. This is an important decision and should be considered for several reasons:

  • Certificate of recognition and quality
  • Hospital location and transportation
  • A team of doctors and surgeons
  • Advanced equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic care
  • International patient service

In partnership with the best hospitals, Lyfboat is accredited for its international high quality patient care services. Often, there are certificates from national and international organizations such as:

International Joint Committee

  • Hospital and Healthcare Provider Certification Committee (NABH)
  • ISQua (International Medical Quality Association)
  • Malaysia Medical Quality Association
  • Medical Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQUA)

Can I participate in Malaysian neurology?

Neurologist in Malaysia hospitals offer cost-effective treatment packages that include a wide range of services and facilities. This allows patients to receive state-of-the-art medical services at an affordable price. This does not mean that patients have to compromise on quality as the hospital has a good infrastructure supported by the latest technology and equipment for neurology.

Why choose Lyfboat?

Lyfboat is a NABH-certified, free-to-use platform that guarantees international patient care quality for professional medical services in other countries. We aim to ensure that all patients around the world receive advanced medical care within a reasonable budget. Our team will get medical advice from specialists to help you find the best neurologist in Malaysia and hospitals for neurology at an affordable price. Our service is free and does not charge patients. In fact, we negotiate and offer reliable rates from the hospital on your behalf. In some cases, we were able to reduce neurological costs by up to 20% compared to what Malaysian hospitals usually offer.

Lyfboat makes the transition to hassle-free treatment

We understand the concerns of international patients and their families when planning to travel to other countries for treatment. Lyfboat’s vision is to make quality medical services available to patients in all disciplines at an affordable price. Our team works 24 hours a day to ensure that patients respond quickly and feel comfortable during surgery.

All you have to do-share your report with us and see where you like, and we’ll handle everything for you. Our team looks like this:

Send detailed feedback such as package quotes and best hospital and doctor profiles

Connect you with cultural experts from afar

Visa processing, travel logistics, accommodation assistance

Check airport pickup on arrival

Personal hospital support by our coordinator-they help managers manage bookings, payments and other procedures.

Help get a second or third opinion on arrival

If necessary, we will provide a local SIM card for communication and language interpretation.

Other services such as local transportation for sightseeing and travel to other places

Follow-up care after treatment