How to Increase Winter Solar Home Energy Efficiency

How to Increase Winter Solar Home Energy Efficiency

Winter is usually associated with a weaker solar energy season. However, that might not be true in most parts of the world. To increase your winter solar home efficiency, you need to make sure everything is working perfectly. However, there are some factors that may cause solar systemsto produce less energy during winter seasons. In fact, this reduced energy can be during any season.

If you have a solar home system, you’d know how important it can be towards energy convenience. However, the fact that some homes also have their heating systems run on electricity, demands more efficiency during winters. So, you must plan ahead and make your home solar system provide the amount of energy required. Here are some tips you should know:

Remove Any Organic Growing Around Panels to Increase Winter Solar Home Efficiency

Solar panels catch sun’s radiation through sunlight and convert it into electricity. So, if you have any shading on those panels, their efficiency will definitely be reduced. Also, it is very common for some trees and their branches to cover solar panels as they sit on rooftops.

So, do the right thing and survey your rooftop correctly. Go around the property looking for organic growing near the roof. There can be branches extending from the side and directly above solar panels. Also, there can be some greens right on the roof depending on where you live. Cut off any of these and let sunlight find its direct path onto your solar panels. This way, those panels will be able to catch more sun radiation to make more electricity.

Make Sure to Remove Snow to Boost Winter Solar Home Efficiency

One of the biggest solar efficiency reducing factors in winters is snow. However, it may not be in the way that you think. Even when it snows, there is sun radiation around for panels to capture. However, when it snows, all that ice from above can accumulate on your solar panels. This will make their cells blocked from direct sunlight and sun radiation. So, this is how your solar panels will ultimately start producing less energy or even stop it.

Even the best solar panels cannot absorb sun radiation when covered with snow. So, if you live in a snowing region, make sure to survey those panels regularly in winters. Remove any excessive snow residing on top of your panels that may be causing sunlight blockage.

Close All Gaps and Cracks to Weatherproof Winter Solar Home

Another factor that causes homes to lose energy fast during winters is gaps and cracks. Often, there are tiniest of gaps in windows, doors, floors, walls and even ceilings. These can let in cold from the outside disrupting the accumulated heating from heaters.

The worst thing about these air gaps is that you don’t even see them. There is no possible way to actually see them leaking all that warmth outside. Only thing you can do is to survey the property closely even so often. Go around all doors, windows, corners, floor gaps and ceilings to check if there are any developed gaps. Fill or seal them up as you go to make winter solar home more energy efficient.

Install Motion Detection Appliances and Lighting to Save Energy Waste

Appliances waste unnecessary energy when left unchecked. Usually, heating systems are left on even in rooms where there are no people. Heating systems accumulate much of stored solar energy. Wastefulness of energy can be controlled with automated motion detection appliances. These would include your heating systems and also lighting as well.

You’d be surprised how much energy can be saved by using motion detection appliances. Smart control systems can turn your heating and lighting off when nobody is in any given room. This will make winter solar home more energy efficient anywhere in the world.

Do Solar Panels Produce Less Power During the Winter Season?

A common misconception about solar energy is that there is less of it during winters. However, that is not true. As long as the sun is out, you are good to go. However, the only energy lessening effect comes in very cloudy conditions. Even then, solar panels don’t stop capturing the sun’s radiation at all.

Even slightly cloudy conditions will still yield close to full solar power. Also, on average, winter in most parts of the world actually has less cloudy days than summer or spring. Fair to say your solar systems will not lose much efficiency in winter at all. So, make sure your winter solar home is ready to capture all that radiation converting it into energy.

Make Sure to Get Best Solar Panel Systems and Installers

One of the best parts about solar systems is that they are getting better with time. As more research goes into the industry, better panels are emerging. Newer technology with improved solar cells is enabling panels to produce more energy. This is resulting in winter solar homes requiring much less panels to produce the required energy.

As long as you get high-quality solar systems, your winter home should be good to go. These systems now require much less solar panel space and can provide greater amount of energy. Here’s a big role of solar panel installers.

Why It Matters?

So, it is very important for homes to get their solar systems running smoothly in winters. This season of the year requires a lot of heating that runs on energy. So, winter solar home needs to have well maintained energy production systems. Make sure to remove any accumulating snow. Also, keep all gaps and cracks sealed for weatherproofing insulation. Use quality solar panels and systems to produce more energy during all seasons of the year.

Pooja Saxena