In-Depth Guide to Fix Orbi Firmware Update Failure Issue

In-Depth Guide to Fix Orbi Firmware Update Failure Issue

Many users reported that they face issues while performing Netgear Orbi firmware update. Are you also not able to update the firmware of your wireless device via orbilogin net? Well, that might be because of technical glitches. To get rid of these glitches and get your device back on track, you need to reboot it.

Here’s How to Reboot Netgear Orbi Router

Follow the step-by-step guidelines mentioned below and learn how to reboot your Netgear Orbi router:

  • Disconnect your WiFi-enabled devices connected to the Orbi’s network.
  • Power off your Orbi router and unplug it from its wall socket.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Plug your Orbi router back into its wall socket and power it up.
  • Reconnect your WiFi-enabled devices to the network of your Netgear Orbi.

Now, try to update the firmware of your Orbi device. Are you able to? No? Well, that’s probably because there’s some other reason behind the issue. To resolve it, walk through the Orbi troubleshooting tips highlighted below:

Fixed: Netgear Orbi Firmware Update Failed

  1. Verify the Ethernet Connection

Before doing anything else, check the Ethernet cable connecting your Netgear Orbi router and the existing modem. Is it worn out? Does it have cuts? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, consider replacing the cable with a new one.

If you have lost faith in a wired connection, consider connecting your devices using a wireless source.

  1. Bring Your Devices Closer

Apart from ensuring a secure connection between your Netgear Orbi router and the modem, you also need to make sure that the distance between them is appropriate.

By ‘appropriate’ we mean, your Orbi router should be placed within the range of the existing modem. But, not too close. Otherwise, their WiFi signals might clash and lead you to various other technical problems.

  1. Avoid Signal Interference

Have you ever noticed how your mobile device stops working every time it is in a room filled with transmitting appliances, metal objects, reflexive surfaces, and electronic devices?

Well, chances are that something similar is happening with your Orbi router due to which its firmware update is failing over and over again. To troubleshoot the issue, consider changing the location of your device and make sure that it is not being placed near cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, mirrors, refrigerators, microwave ovens, fish tanks, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, aluminum studs, etc.

  1. Use the Correct Login Credentials

In order to update the firmware of your Netgear Orbi router, you need to access the BASIC Home screen. And, to access the BASIC Home screen, you should use the correct login username and password.

However, if you haven’t done so, then it’s quite obvious why you are facing the Netgear Orbi firmware update failure issue. Thus, ensure that you type the correct admin details when required. In case you aren’t sure about them, refer to the Netgear user manual.

After following these troubleshooting hacks, try to update the firmware of your Netgear Orbi router. Are you still not able to? Well then, your last resort is to perform factory default reset.

How to Reset Netgear Orbi Router?

Take the help of the steps outlined below to know the process to reset your Netgear Orbi router:

  • Look for the Reset hole located on your Orbi router.
  • Get hold of an oil pin and carefully insert it into the Reset hole.
  • Wait for a few seconds.

Once you are done performing Orbi factory reset, reinstall your wireless device.

Summing Up

Performing Netgear Orbi firmware update ensures that your device functions well at all costs. However, if you aren’t able to go about the process successfully, the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks will surely be of great advantage to you.

Pooja Saxena