Latest Window Tips for Indian Homeowners

Latest Window Tips for Indian Homeowners

Windows are arguably one of the essential elements of every Indian household. Whether your house boasts of modern or traditional architecture, the correct window design will enhance the overall curb appeal of the space and its functionalities. While windows have the primary function of facilitating the entry of fresh air and natural light to keep the space well-ventilated, window designs these days can offer much more than that. 

For instance, the aluminium window designs from reputed manufacturers come with capabilities to sustain wind pressure, minimize water intrusion, facilitate security, etc. Hence, choosing a window design for your home becomes critical. This post aims to look at the latest window design tips that will help you pick the ideal product for your home:

Pick The Material Carefully:

The overall look, strength, and durability of your windows depend primarily on the material used for the frame. For the typical Indian climate that experiences harsh summers and monsoons, it is better to pick a material that is durable, lightweight, rust/rot-resistant, and low-maintenance. 

This is the reason why various leading housing product manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA has aluminium as their preferred choice of material. Here’s why: 

  • Aluminium, being a lightweight and soft metal, can be configured into various designs and styles. Since aluminium is lightweight, it also ensures that the windows are easy to operate, irrespective of the design and size. 
  • Aluminium is an extremely durable and sturdy material that also ensures that the windows are able to withstand even the harsh weather conditions of India. Reputed manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA make this possible by testing the windows as per Japanese Industrial Standards. JIS ensures that the windows can bear wind pressure of up to 2000 Pa, which is equivalent to a steel tower falling down.  
  • As outlined above that, aluminium is sturdy; windows do not have to have chunky frames. The latest aluminium window designs have a minimalistic frame with the maximum glass area possible. Such a design provides an excellent view of the outside that is devoid of any obstructions. TOSTEM INDIA even provides customizations with the handles so that nothing obstructs the view. For instance, L-shaped handles facilitate an isometric design with minimal sightlines.  
  • Also, with these window frames, you can minimize the maintenance costs substantially. This cost-effectiveness is achievable because aluminium windows undergo anodization. However, anodization alone cannot provide potency to the frames of ensuring minimal maintenance. That is why companies like TOSTEM INDIA developed their patented TEXGUARD coating method. This coating method makes the windows resistant to dust, so all you need to do is wipe the glass area with a damp cloth. Moreover, TEXGUARD coating enables these latest window designs to retain their gloss, lustre, and colour for up to 40 years.    

Imitate Your Architectural Style:

You would not want to have traditional-looking windows for your house that has modern and contemporary interiors, and vice versa. Your windows and doors should complement your interiors and the overall vibe of your home. So, if your house bestows an old-world charm with some extravagant architectural style, be sure that you pick traditional window designs such as French windows. 

But if your house exhibits a modern touch, you should go for sleek and latest window designs like sliding or bi-fold windows. Other than this, be sure that you pick the right design for your windows as per the space. For instance, casement windows are ideal for areas like the kitchen. For patio and balcony, sliding windows provide excellent views. 

Focus on Your Ventilation Needs:

Ventilation is one of the most important factors to consider while picking a window design for your home. Since the majority of cities in India experience hot and humid summers, it is essential that you pay keen attention to your ventilation needs as well. Proper airflow is critical to keep indoors fresh and airy. And a lot of this depends on what kind of window design you pick for your home. 

With sliding and bi-fold windows, you can ensure optimal airflow and even allow lots of sunlight to enter your room when these windows are closed. However, if you are living in a city that experiences heavy monsoon rains like Mumbai, you should consider getting tilt and turn windows. You can install these windows and keep them in a tilted position when it is raining. This ensures proper airflow without inviting water indoors. 

Just like that, with a little bit of research, you can pick the window design that ticks all the right boxes. You can connect with professional window consultants to get the correct window types.  


There are a bunch of things that you need to consider while looking latest window designs for your home. This is because windows are much more than just a medium to let in sunlight and air into your room. Windows, these days play a significant part in your overall home décor. And we hope that with these tips, you will be able to come across windows that caters to all your need and requirements perfectly.

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