Make Your Home Pest Proof Before Spring Arrives

Make Your Home Pest Proof Before Spring Arrives

Everyone loves the spring season due to the moderate climate and cleanliness of the air. The shining sun feels better than anything after long winters. Blooming flowers and growing branches of trees are some of the most beautiful sceneries in this world. It seems that everything is coming back to life in spring after deathly cold winters.

However, spring is not only your favorite season but of insects and pests as well. Many tiny creepy creatures and flying insects such as ants, bugs, wasps, termites, spiders, earwigs, etc. start coming out of their shelters after hibernating for the winters. They come out to collect the food which is abundant in springs and also love to reproduce in this season. Harsh climate lets them hide in their shelters but in spring they don’t have to face such situations and can easily roam here and there throughout the day.

None of you want these pests to ruin your springs by letting them invade your homes as they will find different places in your homes to hide and will start reproducing as well because spring is also favorable for this activity. Once they start doing so, their number will become uncountable in your home. So you must make your home pest-proof before the spring season. For this, hiring the most reliable pest control Richmond BC services is recommended. Besides that, the following are some tips and tricks that can help you in this regard.

Check Out the Entrances

The first thing you must do is to check out the possible entrances from where any type of pest can enter your home. It’s obvious that they cannot just appear in your home through some sort of magic. They have to enter your home through some entrances before setting their feet in your home. These entrances could be an open holes, cracks in walls, broken doors or windows, damaged screens, etc.

You must have to close these openings to stop the invasion of pests. You can use different home remedies such as spreading some spices or using lime and vinegar sprays to keep pests away from entrance points.

Pay Heed to Food Storage

Why do pests invade your homes? The answer is quite simple, they need some food and shelter to save them from climatic changes, therefore they head towards the homes where they can find enough resources. Therefore, you must store your food properly so that it does not attract pests. Most importantly you must keep grains, sugars, pieces of bread, and other similar things in airtight jars. These things are the food of almost every pest, therefore storing them carefully will help you to keep pests away from your home.

Rodents, in particular, are attracted to food. Therefore, you must get in touch with rat and pest control expert services to tackle them.

Have a Look at Places Where Pests Can Get Shelter

Pests don’t like to come to your home daily and then return to their shelter which is present outside your home. They will try to build their nest or shelter within your home where they are getting all the resources they require. Therefore, you must find out the places where they can build nests.

Such places are different for different types of pests. Some will prefer to live somewhere in your home where there is water and some will try to live in dry places. Possible places could be the holes and cracks in walls, standing water in the home garden, store, empty sewerage pipes, etc. You have to eliminate all these places or if found pests living there use pests-killing sprays to get rid of them.


When your home is clean, no pest will try to invade it. There are different things that you don’t bother because you think they are not making your home dirty. For example, when you eat something or cook in the kitchen, small particles of it may fall on the floor and will attract some common pests such as ants, bees, etc.

Similarly, when you have a lot of waste material stored in your storeroom, it will become a shelter for many pests. So you must achieve a high level of cleanliness to keep pests away. Using some cleaning agents will be helpful in this regard.

If you still fail to stop pests’ invasions even after doing all these things, then it could be an alarming situation for you and you must hire the services of a well-reputed pest controller company to get rid of them.

Pooja Saxena