Overcome Fear And Anxiety By Turning Your Manifestation Journal Into A Prayer Journal

Overcome Fear And Anxiety By Turning Your Manifestation Journal Into A Prayer Journal

Fear and Anxiety slowly creep in to paralyze you when it seems like all doors are closed against you, and you can’t move forward without hitting a stumbling block. Then, they will sink you into a deep hole of depression that’s so difficult to get out of because you’re still scared and anxious about everything.

You can’t suppress fear, anxiety, or depression by putting on a brave face and chanting “all is well.” These feelings are real, and they aren’t easy to shake off. So, here’s how to transform your manifestation journal into a prayer journal that will help you say goodbye to fear and anxiety.

  1. Don’t Listen to the Noise

The fear of the unknown can consume you to the point where you’ll constantly second-guess everything you do. When fear successfully takes over you, it will be like everyone, and everything around you can sense it. Nothing ever goes your way without a hitch, and when it does, it doesn’t last long. You can silence the nagging voice of fear and anxiety by keeping a prayer journal about everything bothering you. If you’re going to be your best self, what better way to do it than pray? I may not control the situation, but you find peace knowing that things will turn out great because you’ve mindfully prayed about it.

  1. Write Down Your Fears

Writing down your fears is powerful; it’s a subtle approach to confronting your fears. For example, the most crippling type of fear is the fear of the unknown, but when you can narrow down why you’re afraid and document it, the fear begins to shrink. Guess why? It’s because you understand what the problem is, and as a result, fear and anxiety loosen their grip on you.

  1. Read it Out Loud

Make what you want to manifest your mantra. Write down what you want to manifest as prayers and chant the mantra every day before you step out. You’ll become more confident about how your day will unfold, and you’ll be more productive. You’ll also stop expecting the worst to happen daily and begin seeing hope in every situation. So, every day, write down what you want to manifest and say it confidently.

  1. Celebrate the Little Wins

It may seem silly, but after writing down your fears about something happening or not happening, create a prayer tickbox in your manifestation journal. So, when you overcome that situation, you tick it off with a little victory dance. Celebrate every prayer request answered, no matter how small; it will help you overcome fear and anxiety by increasing your confidence that something incredible has happened to you and that more extraordinary things are within your reach. Be deliberate to turn what you’d like to manifest into prayers and see how easier it is to overcome fear.

Final ThoughtsI hope this step-by-step guide will help you become your best self by transforming your manifestation journal into a self-care journal. Check out www.journalingisselfcare.com today to get started.