Stevia- A Healthy Substitute!

Stevia- A Healthy Substitute!

Stevia is a natural sweetener that is derived from the stevia plants’ leaves (Stevia Rebaudiana). It is often described as a safe and nutritionally sound sugar substitute, which allows foods to be sweetened without the adverse health effects linked to refined sugar. Additionally, it has several health benefits, such as a reduced calorie intake, a lower blood sugar level &cholesterol levels, and a reduced risk of cavities.

This is because it has zero calories while being 200 times sweeter than table sugar and that’s the reason why it’s a popular option for people who want to lose weight and cut down on sugar. However, the commercial stevia products available in the market varies in quality such as highly refined and mixed with other sweeteners like dextrose, erythritol which might affect its potential health effects.

There are fewstevia products that one can consume on daily basis such as Natural stevia powder, sugar, liquid, sachets, leaves, and tablets. But now, the question arises that from where to purchase it, which brands are the best in selling the quality stevia products.

Let us help you out…

We have listed the 7 best Stevia brands of India:

  1. Zevic stevia- zevic stevia sugar free products are produced by m/s zero enthalpy labs. Pvt ltd. It is taking over the Indian market with its superior quality of products and can be highly trusted for its quality.Various products such as zevic natural stevia powder, leaves, and sachets and so on are being sold. Thus, consumers having a vast category to choose from. As a result, it has made its way into the Indian market as one of the most potent products.
  2. Gaia stevia- gaia stevia is one of the most renowned stevia brands in India that offers stevia in the form of powder and tablets. There are 100 tablets in the pack, which can be easily added to foods and beverages. It’s another natural sweetener and a great alternative to refined sugar. This sweetener is safe to use and aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Nutriorg- the nutriorg stevia powder is provided by ratan organic foods pvt. Ltd. It is the leading producer of wellness products and it focused on providing products at the best value for customers. The natural stevia powder is in the form of dry leaf and so if you are willing to buy one for yourself then this is the right choice for your purchase. Adding to that, it is purely organic and natural- and so it is quite safe for your consumption.
  4. Sugar free- sugar free is made by zydus wellness, a top pharmaceutical company in India. It is probably the first stevia product to be launched in India. Aside from being a popular brand, it’s also one of the top stevia brands in the country. It comes in different flavours like elaichi stevia drops, green pellets, etc.
  5. Organic India stevia- stevia from organic India is a well-known product. The company says the stevia offered is from a naturally sweet herb & is of the highest quality. It has no side effects and can be added to your food and beverages.
  6. Khadi India- khadi India is a reputable brand, and it offers stevia in a unique transparent bottle that contains leaves instead of processed. The leaves are organic, natural and in dry form. This is the only brand that sells stevia in a natural and simple manner.
  7. Stevi0cal- this brand is produced by rigil biotech pvt. Ltd where it produces a wide range of organic, non gmo, and zero glycaemic products. They provide the best stevia in India, which is absolutely natural and chemical-free.Besides using sustainable harvesting techniques, it’s also eco-friendly. Stepi0cal is gluten-free, has zero calories, and has no carbs. This are available in the form of power and pellets.

Hence, it can be concluded that stevia is a natural sweetener that can be consumed by all instead of that refined sugar. Change your life by consuming stevia content in your routine life. Stay healthy, stay happy!

Pooja Saxena