The best eyebrow lamination kits available

The best eyebrow lamination kits available

If you’ve frowned at everything, chances are you’ve heard of laminate. One of Australia’s latest eyebrow trends, eyebrow dyeing has a semi-unstable lifting effect for eyebrows that are jammed during combing.

Because the process is very similar to eyelash lifting, the brow lamination kit for DIY can be a double lashing kit and vice versa.

Assuming it’s a relatively new treatment (especially sitting at home, not in a salon), you won’t find eyebrow lamination Melbourne on the shelves of Priceline or Chemist Warehouse.

However, this does not mean that they do not exist at all or can be used in different budgets.

Cloud Brow Brow stickers and eyelash lifting kits

Call us if you want to get a pink color, but it speaks to us at the shelf level of an aesthetically pleasing laminate kit. It is suitable for use by those who want to try the water 8-10 times. Also, it has already collected three flawless reviews.

 Peach brow lamination kit

Did we say we have a suction cup? If pink is not your atmosphere, it may be peach. Born and established in Australia, this kit has everything you need and is reasonably priced. Inside you will find eyebrow glue, nourishing and lifting creams, repair oils, lubricants, pulleys, and removal brushes. It seems like a lot, but they made it so easy that it will be completed in 20 minutes.

Brow code laster lamination kit

This tester kit is a bit more luxurious and is only available online through MECCA. Conveniently packaged in five disposable, disposable bags, each dose is tailored to suit you.

I consign eyelash lifting tool

If you’ve seen the video of hand-painted eyebrow lamination Melbourne, beauty expert Hannah English recommends this IGTV. This is her linked laminating kit (available through eBay) and she also uses eyebrow paint for 1000 hours.

My Eyelash Store Professional Eyelash Lift / Bro Lamination Kit

Do you consider yourself a professional? Everything you need, then there will be a wide range of MyLash stores that can laminate up to 45. However, if you want to hide your plump eyebrows, they cost a sample package of $ 39.95, which allows you to use it 3-9 times. Sounding in the streets is the best way to go.

Lux mascara eyebrow lifting kit

Luxurious lashes (you guessed it) are an advantage for loose lashes. However, using their knowledge and wisdom, they have recently created a set of your eyebrows using their own eyelash lifting recipes. Be prepared to fix your face to reach new heights.

Eye design brow lamination and eyelash extensions

If you’re an impatient person, The Eye Design Kit is one of the fastest-growing recipes, capable of waiting just 5-8 minutes per step. Each kit provides a solution equivalent to 15 eyebrows, so it only costs $ 5 per coat. How can this be justified?