Title: Best Forex Trading App For Newbies – The Ultimate Guide

Title: Best Forex Trading App For Newbies – The Ultimate Guide

Would you like to become familiar with the best forex trading app, so don’t be worried! This article would be highly beneficial and informative for you. There are lots of apps for forex trading in the market but we will introduce the four best forex trading app for you.

Forex trading is not as easy as it looks but if you choose the best trading app – you’ve capable of trading and investing. You can install these apps on your smart android and IOS mobile phone devices. Pick the best app, enjoy your trading and make a chain to earn more money. If you’ve dreamt of making more money then get in touch with the below apps and grow your forex trading.

#1. The trading game 

The trading game is a free application that provides a platform for investing real money in real forex markets. This is amazing for the professional traders and new traders to show

their skills. You’ll get knowledge of different ways to make extra money with trading games.

You can enjoy informational and exciting lessons related to forex markets and lots of tips to upgrade yourself. Explore the story from trading game users who have already won or lost their money. In the beginning, you can find the game and remind yourself of the amazing tactics and strategies.

#2. Robo Forex 

This app is a forex trading application. You can run this application on your android and IOS mobile phones. RoboForex app allows users different kinds of tradable instruments for trading. Generally, this application is run on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and it has characteristics of both worlds. 

It provides numerous tools for analysis, different order types, charts, and moreover you may track your portfolio anytime and trade. You can enjoy your trade with this free-of-cost app. You can download this app easily with App stores. 

#3. eToro

Approximately 68% of investors lose their money during the trading of CDFs. If you are familiar with the risk, you may benefit from the social trading platform of eToro. Around 500 million traders opened accounts on eToro and this number increased with the passage of time.  

This is a social trading platform that permits the users to copy the original trades of dominant traders. This app is perfect for those who are looking to get knowledge from professionals, movement of study, socialize and copy trades that they are


#4. Go Forex

Are you a beginner in the forex game and invest your savings to make money? Don’t look more. This is the best foreign currency guide for newbies. Go forex app helps newbies to

understand what is happening behind their trades. You can choose the trade tricks and become a master of the fundamentals that make your work easier.

Go forex allows you to learn and test your information with quizzes after every lesson. This platform enables people to understand and master every topic of the lesson thoroughly. Select the best insights and have a great experience with the Go forex app. 

Pooja Saxena