What is an interactive video?

What is an interactive video?

If you were given the option to have more control over a situation, wouldn’t you take it? Sure you would. This is the power and essence of interactive video. But what exactly is that? Interactive video transforms the linear narrative arc by allowing the viewer to take the story where they want it. The forms that interactive video can take are limitless. You can offer your viewers quizzes, viewing perspective control, ramified content, clickable menus, and interactive story lines that let them choose their own adventure.

No matter what form it takes, all interactive videos share with the audience the power to create something “new.” This differs from traditional linear video, where audience participation is limited to viewing. Which areas are interactive videos suitable for?

Interactive videos can be used in many different areas.

 Depending on the desired feature or application, interactive tools are used in a targeted manner.  Essentially, interactive videos are used on landing pages, funnel pages or homepages.

One aspect that initially sounds like a disadvantage is that interactive videos can only be integrated into special players on the website. Interactive videos usually consist of several individual videos or overlays, which the viewer can access via a selection menu in the player. Because you can only use the pre-programmed player to play the various video clips or overlays, the interactive videos cannot be used like linear videos on social media, or similar. But the “application” for interactive films can certainly take place in SM.

And of course a link can be posted directly

 To the interactive video with just one click. Recruitment videos help ensure that the most suitable candidates find your company and apply to you. These videos help explain company culture and values ​​by providing a glimpse into the inner workings of the company. The videos below are great examples of how a company can use interactivity to help a candidate determine if their work style and personality is a good fit for a company. Here’s a first-person point-of-view video to give new hires a taste of AB Inbox’s work culture. The video puts the viewer in the shoes of a current employee assigned to an important presentation. Throughout the video, the viewer is presented with different situations and given answers to choose from. There are also hidden areas that the viewer needs to find throughout the video. The big advantage of interactive videos is the combination of the emotional power of videos with interactive engagement with the product.

As a result, relationships between the buyer

and the product can be shaped even more deeply. The customer can already convince himself of the product “independently”. View from different situations, combine and much more.

Interactive videos increase sales conversion & average order value

With Nike’s interactive video you can choose your own outfit for a photo shoot. The stylist interacts directly with the viewer, asking questions and providing positive affirmation after each selection. This allows you to get a realistic picture of how outfits look in a natural way and gives the user the opportunity to combine the products. This already increases the bond with the product in an interactive and virtual way.

Gives you the option to get too interactive or click shop at the end.

Internet without videos? No longer imaginable! Because they offer huge potential in the digital marketing strategy. But can’t you go one step further and offer the viewer more options than just play, pause and repeat? The further development of the web video is the interactive video Cinema 8.

Pooja Saxena