Why the variations in prices of submersible pumps in Kenya

Why the variations in prices of submersible pumps in Kenya

Submersible equipment is the ones used underwater just as the name suggests, and are not fully automated like submarines. Submersible pumps are therefore pumps used underwater to reduce the hydration volume of the specific place. It could be draining sewages, clearing floods, or just fetching water. For this, its price matters.

These pumps are often displayed for sale; tagged with different prices here in Kenya. These prices keep fluctuating over time and this sometimes leads to the widening or narrowing of the gap between the highest and lowest prices of these pumps. This is due to various satisfying reasons illustrated below.

The Suppliers. 

Different suppliers have a different selling price for their submersible pumps and in this case, the gaps between the prices of the same type of submersible pump within different suppliers isn’t that high since the competition has to be positive, and since they tend to be licensed by the same government (of Kenya), they have to be within the given range of price setting.


The ‘manufacturer’ of a given commodity is the primary determinant of its price. This works accordingly to submersible pumps and so if the pump originates overseas with a greater price than the local one, its price will be greater. This also implies when the original price is lower.


Some submersible pumps can pump much water per given time while others would require the entire day to clear small sewage. This is the power difference between these two submersible pumps and because of this, their prices vary. Their electrical need is also different hence; their values are different. This relates directly to their prices.


In seasons of flooding, and the need for water pumping or so in Kenya; the need for acquiring submersible pumps is high and thus for effective supply, the average prices of the pumps would rise depending on the rate of demand. The fluctuating demand for these pumps explains the diverse nature of the Submersible Water Pump prices.


Due to the sort of versatile nature of the submersible pump in that a pump used to clear sewage could not be the same pump used on an ocean, these submersible pumps are classified into different types. This classification helps to determine which pump to use; considering the workload, time, and place. This also affects the price of the pumps.

Maintenance and Supervision.

The submersible pump that requires less attention when working tends to be more costly than the one monitored all along. This is because of the reduced manpower hence more of being automated than being manual.


The make-up materials for submersible pumps vary and depending on the type and amount of equipment used to make them, their prices will of course not be the same. The submersible pump could be bulky or mobile, heavy or light, and even simple or complex and all these affect its price.


For one to tell the effective price of a submersible pump, the above factors have to be viewed.