Window Treatments to Block the Outside Noise

Window Treatments to Block the Outside Noise

Your home is where you can find peace. Because peace is what you need the most after a hectic day at the office. Nothing disturbs you more than unintentional sounds that can affect your enjoyment of life. The noise from outside could be an issue even if it is your job from home comfort or could hinder you from getting a restful night’s rest. However, the good news is that hopes are not gone. You can create your place noise-free with the window treatments.

If the noise from outside gets too much or is distracting, you can accomplish ways to make your home environment more peaceful. Our recommendation? Blinds Express window treatments that block sound. While no window treatments are 100% soundproof, putting an additional layer of soundproofing between inside and outdoors could make a difference in the amount of street noise heard from your house. There are many window treatments that can make your living soundproof. Here we are going to discuss some of the window treatments that can block the outside noises:

Use Curtains that Can Absorb the Noise

Curtains are the basic and most used window treatments to block light and noise. There are many types of curtain fabric that can reduce the noise. Select the best window treatment that can reduce the noise and give a peaceful environment. You can select the heavy fabric to block the noise from the outside. The heavy fabric curtains can absorb the noise and give you a perfectly cozy and comfortable place.

Cellular Shades that Can Block the Noise

Great alternatives for soundproof blinds are Cellular shades, often referred to as honeycomb blinds. They are constructed from hexagonal fabrics which look like honeycombs which are how they trap air inside the blind. Although they’re mostly made to block heat, many of the same concepts can also be utilized to provide sound insulation. These blinds are widely used to give a classy look to the area. They add a warm welcoming factor with the benefits of heat and soundproof. To block the heat in any area you can use the cellular shades.

Drapes that can Reduce the Noise

Drapes are the same as roman shades since they’re both made of cloth. Like Roman shades, the heavier the drapes are, the more likely they reduce noise. If you’re looking to get the maximum sound reduction from window treatments, you should pair drapes with a different type, such as cell shades. Layering is more efficient than any other window treatment alone and will look stunning, too.

Roller Shades to Block the Noise

There are different types of shades and blinds to give a noise-free area. As the Roller Blinds add the style to the area. Roller shades are the perfect choice to give a noise-free environment. These shades are perfect for absorbing the noise and come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Select the fabric type that can be easily managed and easy to clean. Select the color combination according to the home interior. You can choose from different colors and fabrics. Roller shades have many benefits to keep the area temperature-controlled and beneficial for noise reduction. These shades are a popular choice for the kids’ rooms to give a comfortable and noise-free environment. 

Combining Window Treatments

Noise reduction is one of the benefits of window treatments and might not offer complete silence. If you live in a noisy neighborhood and you must do everything possible to lower the noise level, we suggest doubling up on the window treatments! For instance, using a honeycomb shade on the window, surrounded by drapes or curtains of a heavyweight, will give you the added privacy needed to reduce the volume to the greatest extent possible.


Noise is one of the major issues when you want to rest in your bedroom or living area. You can reduce the noise by giving the best window treatments. Here we have discussed some of the best window treatments to create a place that is noise-free and comfortable to rest. There are many window treatment options, you can select the best one according to your needs and the interior of your place. Roman shades are the best choice to create a cozy environment with style.

Pooja Saxena