Woohoo Wellness and Pregnancy Mode for 2021: Features and Download Link

Woohoo Wellness and Pregnancy Mode for 2021: Features and Download Link

What is the WooHoo wellness regimen?

WooHoo, Wellness mod for games called LUMPINOU’s Sims 4 and WoHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul. This mode affects both partners in different ways; Pregnancy Choices and Different Reactions, WooHoo Risks, Safety, Reproductive Surgery, WooHoo wellness mod Infectious Diseases, Paternity Testing and Drama, Teen Pregnancy Answers Adolescent, Fraud Module, Surrogacy, and Artificial Pregnancy, Adoption Overhaul, etc. We can discuss these related modules. One by one as follows.

In Module 1, it is up to you to decide whether or not to have children. You are free to decide what you will do with your partner as well as descriptions of pregnancy preferences and features that revolve around pregnancy preferences. Even when they don’t get along, they stick with the same desires. All you have to do is join a parenting class or visit a counselor together and then complain or encourage a new baby.

In module 2, you decide whether to accept the risk or not. This module describes the risks and protections of pregnancy, describes the characteristics surrounding pregnancy risk infertility, and how to stay safe during pregnancy. You can define if the protection should be used and set the settings and you can assign it from SIM to SIM or keep it sterile and so on.

In Module 3 of the WooHoo Wellness mod download, you should always be aware of the post effects you have to deal with after sex, just like in the real world. WooHoo-transmitted diseases are always on the air and so there is a chance that Sims could be infected with different WooHoo-transmitted diseases and many others are blaming each other for the disease.

The Sims 4 is a very popular life simulation game from Developer Studios, Electronic Arts. The game is the fourth largest entry in The Sims series. The game has a great attraction and is loved by gamers. Therefore, it has Dave’s extensive support for the game. Similarly, there is a huge mod community behind it. Developers are always actively working on new content. As a result, there are plenty of events for the seven-year-old Sims 4. Therefore, there are many modes available for free. The game is very popular in 2022. Players who want to customize their gameplay can always install this mode.

WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Mode 

Woohoo, Wellness & Pregnancy Mod modifies different gameplay elements of the game There are many changes in different areas like pregnancy preferences, complementary interactions, pregnancy mood, and postpartum effects. This mode is a pack of different modules that the player can add and subtract. Similarly, many customizations are available for the rich experience of their choice. There are a total of ten modules and two add-ons.

The ten modules available in this mode are:

  • Interests and interactions during pregnancy
  • Risks and protections during pregnancy, fertility
  • Infectious disease oooh
  • Test of paternity
  • Teen pregnancy module
  • Unintended pregnancies
  • Fooled and trusted
  • Surrogate pregnancy
  • Overhaul the application
  • Breakups, makeovers, and everything related, to co-parenting

There are two add-ons available:

  • Termination of pregnancy
  • Side effects of pregnancy

Here are some key features that players can get from this mode:

Pregnancy Priority:

This mode gives all SIMs a choice during pregnancy, from youth to adult.

All pregnancy options can be customized at any time using this model.

Similarly, it is possible to give teenagers the option of manual pregnancy.