Harassment Cases On Social Media and how Facebook Spy App can help?

Harassment Cases On Social Media and how Facebook Spy App can help?

This Halloween me and my family thought of going all in. Well, I am sure you must have heard the name squid game even if you have not watched it yet. You must have seen it on social media, memes, and fun content maybe spoiler alert. So we all thought of some of their costumes. I was the laziest one so I became the pink dress guy. Honestly, it was easy and simple. But our girl chose the red light green girl characters. It was all fun until we posted the photos on social media. Well, one of her friends shared our pictures in a public group and the comments were very bad. She tagged us all on the post I am sure that was all in good gesture but the public did not take it well. There were all sorts of trolling, abusive language, judgemental comments, and all. It was worst and the first thing I did in the morning was to call the kid’s home and ask her to delete the post.  I thought maybe that way my daughter will miss the post and all the bad comments but I was too late. 

Protect your loved ones on Social Media with the spy app

In the morning at the breakfast table, we pretended that we have not seen the post. But she was unusually more silent. She told us she was tired but deep down we knew she is upset and sad. Moreover, the screenshot of the post was already shared in the school group chat as well. So all I can say is it backfired. Her friend was more worried she even came to our house to apologize but we knew it was not her fault. Those people who know nothing about us and our family were just saying bad stuff, without even thinking about how harshly it can affect our mental health.

That incident shook my wife badly. The squid game costume and appearance were her idea and she was blaming herself for all this When it was those trollers who should be more careful with their words. 

Online abuse and harassment are common things these days. With easy access to the internet and smart gadgets and too much social media interaction, online abuse has risen to a frightening level. 

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  • Statista reports that 44% of internet users have confessed to being victims of online harassment. 
  • 28% reported severe cases in the form of stalking, threats, a victim of sexual harassment, and more. 
  • One of the main things is that 77% named Facebook as the online platform at which they were personally threatened or harassed by online users.

OgyMogy FaceBook Spy App:

We were just planning to get a parental control app for the kids but the incident accelerated the process. We did research and chose the OgyMogy best android spy app as parental control. They cover many social media platforms and even instant messenger chat apps for parents. Facebook spy app was the one we were searching for at that time but thanks to the OgyMogy app we have found many other beneficial features as well. 

  • The FaceBook app offers remote access to the kid’s Facebook account activities. 
  • One can know what kind of media they usually post on their account and what kind of online company they have on the social media platforms. 
  • The Facebook spy app lets the parents know about the story updates and comments and like notifications as well. Know if an online user posts any bad comments on your kid’s post and take action right away. 
  • The best part about the the use of OgyMogy Facebook spy app is that it gives remote access to the messenger box of the target person as well. You can know about any online threats, abusive messages, stalkers, or anyone by using the app. Use the app and assure the online safety of your teen. 
  • Not all online friends are real friends. Make sure your teen does not post too much personal content on a public platform. 
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Users can even get acquainted with a person online and can be friends in real life as well. As frightening as it sounds for our generation it is simply a routine and a piece of cake for today’s youth. 

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Thus to keep things a little less stressful and easy for parents advanced technology has introduced features like the Line spy app, Facebook spy app, Whatsapp spy app, and more for parents. You can simply install the app on your loved ones’ gadgets and can know about their digital life and specifically dating style and happening

Monitoring of digital life of teenagers is a necessary measure these days. Protect the mental health of your kid and save them from online bullies with the use of the Facebook spy app and other social media monitoring features of the OgyMogy spy app. 

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