Premade Book Cover Design When to Select a Stock Image

Premade Book Cover Design When to Select a Stock Image

There are many websites that are royalty-free available on the Internet. Some are specialized in certain kinds of images, while the majority are general. Before I decided on the cover for my newest book, I looked through more than 2,000 photographs. 

What a great job! After several weeks of searching, I finally came across a picture that was the same as the one I had that I had in my head.

Your book will look exactly the as you envision it in your head if you make suggestions on the cover image. It’s easy to get distracted when viewing photos, which is why you must be sure to remain focused. What do you need to be looking for?

Symbolism ranks at the top of my list of. My latest work is focused on grieving and there are plenty of symbolic images that make it sound like a prank including lilies candles and swans which I have avoided. Instead, I sought an image that was calm and gave readers the feeling of hope. The final choice was to take a picture of an aluminum boat that had been battered and sunk into still water.

The boat is teal in color and shows visible scrapes and dents along the sides. I believe that the rowboat represents an emotional journey of grief and the scrapes and dents are a symbol of the difficulties that we all have to have to face. However, symbolism that is unclear will not boost book sales. If the reader must be able to think through a number of different ways to comprehend the connection to the image on the cover of your novel, you’ve failed to make the right choice.

Color is another factor and should be utilized with care. The psychology behind color is a tangled subject. If you have a basic understanding about it, you can apply this knowledge to advantage. Red is an excellent illustration. While red draws attention but it also signifies blood, royalty and, in some cases it is a symbol of the horror. This is the reason I stayed clear of the red color when seeking cover shots.

The teal-colored rowboat has a soothing effect and the water is tranquil too. It is interesting to note that the graphic designer used the water imagery and blue on the back in the publication.

It is also important to take the basic shape the photograph either vertical or horizontal to be considered. An image that is horizontal could be suitable for a cover, but having the photo cropped will cost you extra. Enlarging or reducing a photo is also a cost, and one of the most important factors is if it you pay for it or the publishers.

Clarity of the photograph is crucial. An image that is not clear or of focus could dissuade potential buyers, whereas photos that are clear will entice the attention of potential buyers. Sometimes, graphic designers opt for a blurry image to emphasize a point. This is fine so the potential buyers are aware of the significance of this. Your agent can give you more details regarding photo requirements.

In addition, be looking for titles that have space. A lengthy title and subtitles will not be able to stand out against an overwhelming background. I decided to use the rowboat image because it had ample space on the bottom to place my title. I also picked it due to the reflection downwards of reeds on the water draws the eyes of the viewer directly to the title.

Cost is the last and possibly the most crucial factor. A little extra to get a picture could result in a better outcome in the end. Certain photographers submit a set of images. Select the photo you like, then scroll down for the other ones in the collection that may be cheaper. If you don’t want to worry about stock images we recommend this site for premade book cover design: