Types of Foldable Ladders

Types of Foldable Ladders

Reaching out to things at a distant height conveniently has been made easier by the use of foldable aluminum ladders. They help ne reach heights easily. Their foldable design is for easy storage and also saves space.

Paff heavy folding ladder with wide steps

This is a 4-step ladder which is built from high-quality powder-coated steel and also has a compact foldable design. It’s lightweight and material used makes it durable and convenient to use. It also has a safety clutch lock and a plastic top to ensure better grip and safety. To prevent corrosion it was made out of heavy duty material.

Heavy duty & durable multipurpose Milano folding ladder

This is a 5-step wide and strong standing platform that lets you stand and work comfortably. The multiple positions hinges and safety clutch lock with knee guards make it safe for use. It’s polypropylene and powder-coated steel provides protection and prevents corrosion. Its foldable mechanism helps to store conveniently.

Equal portable and compact telescopic foldable aluminum ladder

This is 13-step ladder which features a one- button retraction mechanism for adjustment of height. It has an anti-slip end caps for safety and sufficient gap while closing. To carry conveniently, it has a compact and foldable design. It’s suitable to hold up to 150kgs of weight.

Plantex premium steel folding ladder

This is a 6-step ladder which is lightweight and portable. For safety purposes, it has anti-slips steps and feet that keeps it stable. It also has a soft handgrip to help climb comfortably. It’s sturdy build makes it reliable for use. 

Bathla advance ladder with sure-hinge 

It’s a 5-step lightweight and compact foldable ladder made of high-quality aluminum to prevent rusting thus favorable in all weather conditions. With its anti-slip steps and anti-skid shoes the ladder is able to maintain balance and ensure a firm grip. 

Parasnath black heavy ladder 

This 4-steps ladder is mostly suitable for home use since it is compact design and lightweight. It’s made from alloy material which makes it durable. It also has a safety clutch lock, anti-skid design, and knee guards. The material used to make it make it suitable for heavy duty as it can carry up to 150 Kgs

Delxo folding ladder

Despite your needs, this 4-step folding ladder is here to help you. It has thick and wide steps which ensure stability while you are climbing or even standing. Its cross brace levers located at the back ensures extra safety.

Louisville FS1506 6′ Fiberglass step ladder

This ladder is built for heavy-duty use. With its stability it’s perfect to work outside even on rough surfaces. Moreover, the high reach of this product will require experience with use of ladders.



With the use of a folding step ladder, it’s shown its perfect solution for kinds of elevation needed at home or outdoors as they are both safe and easy to use. Your need will determine the kind of ladder you should go for. For more, check https://aluminiumladders.co.ke