Best Big Data Careers to Explore in 2020

Best Big Data Careers to Explore in 2020

Big Data has great value in this changing world. Many people are interested in securing their careers in this sector. There are a lot of organizations that look for qualified professionals to help them manage and analyse their enormous sets of data. The career in the Big Data domain has become very popular, and there are certain reasons behind it. 

  1. There is an increasing demand for professionals who have expertise in this domain. Almost all companies require these professionals to take care of their valuable data and help them in increasing their company’s productivity. Organizations are more interested in maintaining their huge amount of data in order to stay ahead of their competitors in this global era of immense competition. Moreover, the professionals who are interested in building their careers in this domain should have all the necessary talents and analytical skills required to make the appropriate decision. 
  2. The Big Data domain provides huge scope for broadening one’s career options. It provides a great future perspective to the interested individuals and ensures their growth and increment in this sector. 
  3. The field offers excellent career opportunities, but the competition is less. So, with an adequate amount of preparation and dedication, it is not very difficult to secure a career in the domain. 
  4. The jobs offer great pay, which even acts as a factor to attract individuals to this domain. So, the salary packages of different organizations are quite competitive, and if the individual has the right qualifications, the potential employers reach out to that person. 

There are different careers in the big data hadoop domain, and every career has its own positive and negative consequences. The various career options are:

  1. Data Scientist – 

    This career option stands among the different sought careers in this domain. Moreover, the professionals make use of their analytical and core skills to extract various insights from the set of big data. So, they work on structured and unstructured data and derive a meaningful conclusion from them. 

  2. Big Data Analyst – 

    This career is very much praised in the domain of big data. The qualified professionals have great knowledge about the core and fundamental aspects of the big data domain. They have expertise in technologies like Hive, Hadoop, etc. the talent that the big data analyst has is very scarce and has great value in the eyes of the employer. The job profile requires individuals to have knowledge about statistics and algorithms to find out valuable information from the set of data. 

  3. Big Data Engineer – 

    The solution architects design the structure for big data, and big data engineers have the responsibility to build these designs. This is the most demanding and r4ecognized career in the big data domain. The engineer develops the structure and tests it to find out the lacunas in it. The engineer is also responsible for managing the data solutions in the respective organization. 

  4. Machine Learning Engineer – 

    These engineers are behind the development of the software necessary for data analysis. They form a very important part of the big data field, as the software they form has the capability to run without human intervention. 

  5. Business Intelligence Engineer – 

    The professionals have all the required skill sets to report the various tools used for querying and managing the data warehouses of the organization. They are well suited to situations that require solving really complex problems. 

  6. Data Visualization Developer – 

    Skilled individuals carry out data visualization ventures in the organization. They are assigned the duty to design and develop graphic visualization and also use their technical skills to implement those visualizations by Sprintzeal

  7. Business Analytics Specialist – 

    Intelligent professionals develop the scripts. They find out to be experts in the domain. They also carry out the process of testing the scripts and finding out their adaptability. So, the best part about these professionals is that they provide cost-effective answers to complex problems. 

  8. Machine Learning Scientist – 

    Furthermore, this job profile links the professional to the research and development part of the organization. They are the masterminds behind formulating different algorithms that can be used in the system. They give essential suggestions about the product and also forecast the unsaid demands. 

Moreover, organizations all over the world are looking for talented professionals for these career options. This provides great scope to individuals to broaden their careers and enhance their skills. These career options also ask the individuals to have practical knowledge of the concepts that they learn about. So, this ensures that the candidates enhance their potential and accept the challenges in the real world. This helps the candidates to stay confident in a difficult situation and find relevant solutions to the problem.

Rachel Morris