How Do You Attach Clip-In Hair Toppers?

How Do You Attach Clip-In Hair Toppers?

Sometimes it can be challenging to understand how best to style hair toppers and achieve your desired look. Knowing how to properly attach women’s hair toppers is the secret to getting a more natural look. Here is a step-by-step guide and tips on how to attach clip-in human hair toppers correctly. 

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How To Attach Clip-In Hair Toppers

  • Brush Your Natural Hair

The first thing you need to do is brush your natural hair to get rid of any tangles or knots. This ensures there is minimal movement when you place the topper on your scalp and you get a more seamless installation.

  • Make A Matching Hairline

The next step is to check for your parting line and compare it with the hair topper parting line. Create a parting line to match your natural parting hairline if the topper is manageable. Then, place your topper on top of your head. There are several ways to put the hair topper on your head. However, with a clip-in topper, you just need to place it on top of your head and secure the clips. 

Hair toppers for women are designed to last long. If your hair topper has fewer clips to keep the hair secure, sewing more in can add more security. You can also tease (backcomb) the hair where your topper will lay to ensure the clips are more secure. 

Tips to place the hair topper on your head:

  • Lay the hair topper out
  • Have the front hairline towards you
  • Ensure the bottom of the base shows
  • Swing your hand over and place the hair topper on top of your head. This allows you to have less movement and minimize tangles as you put on the topper. 

The key to achieving the most realistic natural look with hair toppers is blending it with your natural front hairline. If you do not have a natural front hairline, you can still achieve a natural look with any human hair toppers.

  • Style Your Hair Topper

Styling your hair topper to blend with your natural hair is important, especially if the hair topper color slightly differs from your natural hair color. To get the perfect hair topper Canada, Superhairpieces provides a wide range of hair toppers. If your hair topper is longer than your natural hair, you can trim it to match. On the other hand, you can cut your natural hair if your hair topper is shorter to match the length. 

If you love a layered look, you can also style your hair toppers into layers without matching the length of your natural hair with that of the hair topper. It is recommended you style your topper on your scalp instead of a mannequin head to get a fabulous natural look. 


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