Jokes Are the Best Medicine

Jokes Are the Best Medicine

People say that “laughter is the best medicine” and that jokes and humor play a vital role in curing different type of diseases through laughter therapy. Laughing is said to boost immunity and relieve you from physiological stress and body tension. Thus, it’s fair to say, reading funny jokes can lead to a peaceful mind and a healthy heart.

Cracking jokes in some stress situations at workplace relieves one from mental pressure and work load. Using a good sense of humor makes one energetic, sharpens focus and cognitive abilities. and a good laughter really strengthens the bond between people. Your funny jokes and a sense of humor can diffuse any negative or tense situations, like fighting or quarreling, with your spouse or any arguments with your friends. Telling jokes is not having a good laugh only. Teasing and laughter also reveals a lot about your personality, your way of doing things.

Funny jokes and humor are such wonderful things, that they have become an integral part of our lives. Funny jokes behave as a key to bring smile in everyone’s face and creating a jolly ambiance. Jokes have an amusing power! To make laughs and more laughs! , which reflects a sense of jolliness, happiness and enjoyment. So if Joke, have an ability to relax the whole atmosphere as such, then why is the entire world not telling more funny jokes at every opportunity.

Telling jokes or creating humor is really difficult to pull off. It is not that easy to make people laugh, as our sense of humor varies from person to person. But there are people who are naturally talented in telling jokes. Funny jokes, funny videos and great comedians depend on one thing i.e. the sense of humor of listener. Therefore, while cracking jokes, clean or dirty one must remember that everyone will not share the same sense of humor. It can make one person burst into laughter while another person to anger. Funny clean jokes are as funny as dirty jokes. But depending on joke material, people can easily be offended or embarrassed. That is why it is important to check the joke material according to the audience first. Jokes on racism, disabled people and mentally retarded people should always be strictly avoided. People cracking jokes on those kinds of people are really cruel and insensitive having no sense of humanity.

Jokes are funnier when actions or gestures are applied. Remember gesture sounds more than words. Generally, people believe that irony and sarcasm are main elements of humor. So, if one doesn’t have a sarcastic sense of humor, then he shouldn’t try to crack jokes. Actually the rule holds good for all kinds of jokes, if one don’t find a joke interesting or funny, then shouldn’t bother telling it either. The truth is that a joke seems funny, if the audience can understand it.

So, go ahead crack your best jokes, chances are that not only will you releave stress at home and work, you’ll also be the life of the party. If your joke vocabulary isn’t very good, give the Deez Nuts Jokes at a try.

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