5 Self-Help Solutions for Reducing Symptoms of Depression

5 Self-Help Solutions for Reducing Symptoms of Depression

For many people living with depression, it means surviving on antidepressants. These medications can have the best impact on managing depression. 

But it’s no secret that they have side effects and can drain your pockets pretty fast, especially if you have no insurance cover. 

And, even for those with insurance cover, the costs tend to be unbearable.  

There is hope, though. There are a lot of personal tips and activities that you can do on your own to fight back your depression. There are also natural therapeutic substances proving effective. Veriheal

 goes into detail about them.

These natural antidepressants range from physical activities to lifestyle choices. Here are the self-help solutions for reducing depression:

  • Exercise. 

You’ve probably heard of it countless times, and it’s true. Exercising can help you fight depression. 

We don’t mean you have to train for a marathon, just get in some regular low-intensity exercises. 

Being active is associated with improved mood and quality of life. It’s also a plus if you can take it outdoors. Try interacting with nature and sunshine to make things more uplifting and keep up the exercising spirit. 

When you’re depressed, you probably feel too fatigued to lift your head from the bed. There is no best way to fight the low mood and lack of energy than to find a habit that is exactly the opposite. 

We advise you to get a loved one who can walk you by the exercising routine and help you with some reps at least once weekly. Having a loved one also supplies those social connections that can lift your spirits.  

  • Take a Caffeine and Alcohol Break 

Alcohol and drugs are the perfect negative coping strategies. They will either make you feel worse immediately or give you a short-term high and take you down low in a short time. 

Cutting back on alcohol can give you the peace you need to fight depression. 

The same goes for caffeine products like soda and coffee. You may enjoy caffeine, but you are only worsening your condition in the long run. 

Try gradually cutting back on these products to avoid being hit with withdrawal symptoms. We advise you get into exercising or stroll around the neighborhood when those caffeine cravings set in. 

  • Meditation and Relaxation Training

Meditation and mindfulness are some of the best depression management hacks. 

When you meditate, you focus your physical and mental states on the present. Focusing on “now” without being judgmental is crucial to ward off negative thoughts. 

You are able to see the thoughts as just that, thoughts. This prevents you from acting on those destructive thoughts. 

We recommend mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to help relieve these tensile muscles guiding your body to total relaxation. You can also seek help from experts who can help guide you through meditation and mindfulness. 

  • Get Enough Sleep

Constantly battling the destructive thoughts about yourself makes it hard to get a shut-eye. 

Try to hunt for some sleep by making changes to your lifestyle and schedule. We recommend sleeping and waking up at the same time every day. It may be hard to accomplish at first because of a disrupted sleep pattern, but your system adjusts to the changes after a while.

Try not to nap. Go to bed early and distance yourself from the TV. Getting rid of other distractions from your bedroom will help your sleep improve.  

  • Try to Have Fun

When you are down, nothing seems fun anymore. 

This is the time you need to do the things you enjoy. 

When you are depressed, having some light moment in your life can seem impossible. You need to keep trying each day to feel relief from the darkness.

If you feel like you don’t know how to have fun anymore, start with super simple and achievable activities such as taking a walk in the park and jamming to your favorite song. 

Put some work into having fun and plan for the things you used to love, even if it feels like a chore sometimes.


Depression is among the most severe conditions affecting Americans today. Despite the help from antidepressants, they are certainly not enough. 

The tips highlighted in this article will give you the power to change your lifestyle for the better as you practice managing your condition. You can consult a physician while also seeking alternative solutions that work best for your condition.