Best king crab legs

Best king crab legs

To get technical, the term shellfish technically describes any “exoskeleton-bearing aquatic invertebrates used as food.” This leaves the actual category wide open, as far as the average seafood fan is concerned. A classification used by both the culinary community and fisheries worldwide, the layman may still be wondering exactly what the world of shellfish encompasses. When it comes to great tasting seafood which comes wild from the icy cold Alaskan waters can’t be beat for taste and quality. Although this particular variety of seafood is often higher in the calorie count than other nutrient rich species that come from Alaska, they are still excellent sources of protein and can’t be beat for impeccable taste and texture. There are a variety of options for fresh or fresh-frozen shellfish, the most popular of which are simply explained below.

Clams. The growing Alaskan market for clams includes varieties like Geoduck, Horse, Razor, Steamer and Littleneck. Clams can be found both hard-shelled and soft-shelled.

Abalone. Divers are employed to harvest this firm textured, mild tasting mollusk found in the Southeast Alaskan waters. When looking for abalone at a nearby grocer or fresh seafood market, it will be available fresh when in season, or frozen whole-in-shell. Outside of season look for just abalone meat sealed in vacuum-packaging.

Shrimp. Alaskan varieties of shrimp include Coonstripe, Pink, Sidestripe or Spot shrimp, sometimes also called prawns. The sizes vary greatly from an inch in size up to Spot Prawns which can reach 9 inches in length. Find Alaskan shrimp sold frozen raw in-shell, or quick frozen in bags.

Crab. Of all the Alaskan seafood delicacies, king crab legs is one of the most popular. Varieties harvested fresh from the icy Alaskan waters include King Crab, Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab, and Hair Crab. Crabs can be purchased whole, live or frozen, or just the legs and claws can often be purchased on their own.

Oysters. The Pacific Oyster has a grayish purple colored shell, and the color of the meat can range from mauve to white. Generally oysters are harvested and available fresh year round.


 Famous for their delicate flavor, Alaskan scallops are harvested nearly year round. When buying scallops look for fresh specimens in your local seafood market, or quick frozen scallops sold in lots of either 10, 20, or 30.

Other. Other varieties of Alaskan shellfish include the sea cucumber, sea snail, sea urchin, and mussels. Although these may not be as readily available as the aforementioned varieties, these sea delicacies are often found in fine seafood restaurants. Creative meals and cooking techniques really bring these lesser known shellfish to life in culinary settings.