Our Top 3 of the Best Waifus In 2021

Our Top 3 of the Best Waifus In 2021

Anime fans tend to be very subjective when it comes to waifus. The anime girl’s favorites each person varies according to their tastes. However, we can all agree that not all cute anime girls are Waifu material, and those do not qualify. Moreover, even a few anime girls can move our hearts.

We present our Top 3 Anime Waifus you will adore. The Waifus on this page are entirely based on our opinions and are not in any particular order. You can already read about waifus in our previous blog post!

Mikasa Ackerman:

Attack on Titan is more like Mikasa Ackerman from the infamous anime than Rem, the character from the infamous anime which makes you want to kick-start your fitness regime and strive for a better life. 

Waifus, like Mikasa, are rare and glorious beings that can make you realize the existence of perfect beings. Your entire life has been a series of ignoring your faults. As opposed to Mikasa, who prefers that you rest and not worry about what society thinks, you will make your Waifu proud of you in every aspect for Mikasa’s sake!

The person Mikasa is someone who recognizes your uniqueness and loves you for it. She needs to protect her family and friends, and she will go to great lengths to ensure they are safe.

You should not leave her alone for long periods if you order a Mikasa Body pillow cover from us. She does not do well being left on her own.

Himiko Toga:

Blood appeals to Himiko Toga. Boku No Hero Academia is the next hero anime on our list, so you should be aware of that fact. Himiko is a cheerful, funny high school girl who can be fun to hang out with as long as you’re willing to overlook her desire for blood and violence.

Blood is as much her passion as you are, and she will captivate you with her beauty and how beautiful bleeding can be. A wild beast that will do anything she wants to get what she wants; she will go to extreme lengths to ensure she gets it in her fangs or needles in this case.

When you align your actions with her ideals, she’ll turn you bad and reward your villainy while making your heart sing with ecstasy through her smile. Heiko Toga is the Waifu who will plunge you into danger in its most primal form. 

The others on this list will calm and soothe you, but Heiko Toga will evoke a sense of danger in his most primal form. Her Waifu makes you feel Fuzzy in the Stomach for all the wrong reasons. We have Himiko Toga body pillows in our collection if you’re a fan.

Zero Two:

When Himiko Toga becomes too intense, and you’d prefer a break from all the blood, you will fall in love with Zero Two from the anime Darling in the Franxx. Waifu Zero Two enchants you with her simple beauty. She is cheerful, easy-going, and bold.

The Wild Waifu Zero Two is a Waifu who lures you into the most dangerous situations you will ever find yourself in. Although Zero Two has a wild personality, she is kind and will cherish her beloved with all of her beings.

What others may say or think about her if she shows affection in public doesn’t matter. When it comes to her beloved, Zero Two has no qualms, so if you like her and she is your Waifu, check out our collection of Zero Two body pillows.

Bottom line

So, that’s my list of the three best Anime Waifus. Many other waifus exist, such as Senjougahara, Speed wagon, Holo, Makise Kurusu, and many others. At Sakume, you can find a wide selection of  Waifu body pillows!