5 Strongest phrases to add in your resume building

5 Strongest phrases to add in your resume building

You know what you want to add to your Resume. You did your research on the company, know all the key skills and work history you want to mention and the ins and outs of resume making. The question still remains “ How to write a resume ?”. Candidates can have all that they need to build a resume yet struggle with how to write a resume, that is to say, how to make the resume come together. This is important because even though you may have all the content, bringing it together, to create a quality resume can be tricky. 

A pro hack to building resumes is to use Strong phrases. These phrases used correctly will elevate your already awesome resume to new heights.

Here are the 5 strongest phrases to add to your resume:


 Any career professional knows the importance of communication in the workplace. This is the ability to make sure that information in the office is being implied and inferred correctly. Without the ability to communicate, two entities cannot work properly, which leads to a drop in quality of work. For Example, if a Content Editor cannot properly communicate with a content writer about the type of content required then the end result wouldn’t be up to standard, or won’t be what was required all together. This Leads to a waste of time and causes a lot of conflict. 

Any mention of Communication in a resume is always an eye catcher for HR Managers. This is because even if a candidate is lacking in some ability, the ability to communicate and learn, shows the potential of the candidate to develop and improve. 

So, any accounts in your career where a positive result was achieved through communication be sure to mention it.


 The art of being able to “make a deal”. Being able to negotiate is to be able to communicate through conflict and come to a resolve. A very impressive quality for an employee. 

Most think of negotiations as commonly being linked with business transactions. However, negotiation in the work space can mean a lot of other things. For example,  negotiations can be made to address salary disputes or they can be made between departments about work timings. 

No matter what the context is, the ability to negotiate is a very sought  after one by HR Managers. It shows that a candidate is able to think about solutions to problems and use tactics to come up with a mutually beneficial outcome. 

Negotiation in a resume can be used in the following way: 

“Negotiated with corporate on behalf of sales team for better a schedule , resulting in a decrease of late arrivals by 23%”

Spear headed 

Spearheading means to lead in a definitive manner. When you use the phrase ‘spear headed’ it not only shows the ability to lead but also shows confidence. 

It’s one of those phrases that really gives a resume a kick but over usage might have an adverse effect. So, I would suggest using it sparingly. 

‘Spear heading’ an effort shows that you are willing to take on liability for the sake of progress. If you have an incident in your career where you led a team to achieve something for the company you should use the phrase Spear headed instead of just saying “Led” or “Supervised”. 


Modernized means to incorporate an aspect of the job according to the latest industry standard. If you introduced a technique or method, backed by research into an office that had a positive effect on the company, then you have modernized the company. 

This shows an individual’s knowledge about not only the company but the industry as a whole. Introducing  a new way of doing things that benefit the company is always a desirable trait in an employee. 

This especially demonstrates your value and creativity. 

How to write a resume using modernized? : 

“Modernized {Name of Company}’s accounting infrastructure by upgrading to [Name of Element}, increasing department performance by 12%.”


Orchestrated is just a fancy way of saying planned and executed. This could be used for plans that are directly related to the job or could mean some exercise organized for the company. 

“Orchestrated“ suggests a method of planning, instead of just making a plan and sounds more professional. 

How to use orchestrated in a resume:

“Orchestrated and executed discount scheme to the result of increasing market share by 13%” 

So there you have 5 power phrases that will elevate the quality of your resume. Next time you ask “ How to write a resume?” just remember these phrases and you won’t be disappointed. For a better understanding use My Resume Lift’s Resume Builder. The resume builder contains all power phrases you may want to use in your resume including the ones used above. Not only does it contain many choices of power phrases, but the resume builder also forms full sentences containing appropriate phrases with them, without any effort made by the user. 

For those who are still struggling with the question “ How to write a Resume” use the My Resume Lift Resume Builder to get a better idea and make your resume perfect without breaking a sweat.

Rachel Morris