What are the suggestions after Scalp Micropigmentation (AKA SMP) treatment?

What are the suggestions after Scalp Micropigmentation (AKA SMP) treatment?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a wonderful method to dine hair loss for both males and women. In this easy procedure, dye is put across the scalp to replicate hair follicles. It’s ideal for anyone desiring a realistic look to fill out reducing hair loss lines or giving a shaved appearance. In little comments, Scalp Micropigmentation (also known as SMP) will help you gain your trust back!

After your SMP system, your technician will inform you about aftercare. This form of aftercare may adjust your day-to-day routine for a month, but the differences beyond the first week are fairly tiniest.

Learn more about Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare in this comprehensive article.

What to anticipate after your SMP therapy

Following your treatment for hair loss, you will notice a lot of paint on your scalp. There may be some discomfort, but the discomfort should be minimal. Some scabs may appear but will disappear during the therapeutic process.

Post-procedure, you’ll like to generally be careful with your head. Minister, it is almost like a hurt that you don’t like to wet until it’s prepared. Sidestep chlorine, saltwater, and the like. Understand that your recovery will begin now following your SMP session. Abstain from instantly washing, and follow the advice of the technician.


While recovery begins on day one after your course, there are some actions you should abstain from for only a few daytimes. Other activities should be bypassed for a month. Here, we’ll bring into the specifics of how to dine your scalp and what suggestions lead to the most promising results.

For each group of days, make sure you’re tracking suggested guidelines from your SMP expert. These teachings are designed to assist in the healing process and maintain your scalp looking as good as feasible with lots of colouring.

The first four days after a treatment: 

We understand you like to keep your scalp uncluttered. Nevertheless, for the short term, do not pass your charge for 4 days following your SMP therapy. Directly after therapy, you may see some scabs on your scalp. This is normal, and scabs will disappear quickly during the restorative process.

Sweating is also not suggested directly the following remedy. To bypass sweating, don’t serve any workouts or exercise habits up to 5 days after treatment. Don’t feel your scalp as the oils and bacteria from your fingers could impact your scalp or infect it.

After 5 days what is to be taken care of?

There is no more useful way to maintain your scalp clean than shampooing it, and after 5 days, you can eventually accomplish so. We suggest mild shampoo with no exfoliants to maintain it clean. Wash your scalp 5 days following your treatment with a sulfate-free shampoo in lukewarm water for adequate recovery.

You can even shave your head at this point. We suggest waiting 10 days for a wet shave, yet, you can utilise an electric foil shaver after 5 days.

After a week time

After day 7, we still suggest that you avoid rubbing your scalp since it could guide you to infections.