What kind of evidence would give you full custody of your kids?

What kind of evidence would give you full custody of your kids?

Losing custody of your child is painful for many parents and the struggle to win this custody back can be quite hard as well. While seeking to win full custody of their child there are a number of things that parents need to consider, an important one of which is having a child custody lawyer who will help you and guide you in your custody battle. 

Some other important things that you need to consider before you make your appeal for full custody is your motive for the custody and your ability to take care of the child. If your only motive is to trouble the other parent, then you might want to reconsider. Only if you are truly sincere in taking care of your child through full custody, will you have a fair chance at winning the battle.

Now, let’s talk about the actions you will need to perform in order to win full custody. The most important thing is to produce valid evidence that will prove that you are fit to take full custody of the child. Some of the important evidences required for child custody are as follows:

  • The best interests of the child

The first and foremost thing to consider in any custody battle is the best interest of the children. The evidence you produce keeping this in mind should reveal that granting you custody will be ideal for the child’s psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. 

  1. Reliable witnesses

Whatever claims you make in your appeal for full custody should be backed by witnesses to make your case strong. These witnesses can be day care workers. Teachers, healthcare professionals or even house help. The only criteria is that they should have a thorough knowledge of the child and the parents. 

  1. The parent’s demeanor

How you carry yourself in the courtroom will also be something that the judge evaluates. The more respectful and sincere you are in your manners, the more chances there are of things going in your favor. 

  1. Any wrongdoings of the parent or guardian that currently has the custody

If you produce enough evidence to prove that the person who currently has the custody of your child is incompetent for the job, then it may increase the chances of you winning the full custody. The wrongdoings can include drug or alcohol habit, abuse, neglect, and much more. An experienced child custody lawyer can assist you in this matter. 

  1. Living situation of the parent seeking custody

The court will also evaluate your living situation and financial condition. This is to ensure if you are fit to take care of the child’s basic needs and provide the education and healthcare the child deserves. 

The above evidence is considered valid by the court and will prove helpful to make your appeal strong. The court will evaluate this evidence to decide if you are fit to be granted full custody of the child.