Sonny Barger Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Wiki

Sonny Barger Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Wiki

The president for a long time of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Sonny Barger, who passed away in the year 83 at age 83 was the perfect example of an street-biker.

He earned it and it was the image he built because of his charm as well as intelligence that helped make Hells Angels a global brand.

Law enforcement officials saw their Angels to be a criminal gang, rather than a club, however in the 1960s, the media was in favor of that group. Burger (pronounced bar-gurr) in promoting the image of the outlaw in the public eye in a way of anti-culture protest. It was believed that it would be transformed into a film as celluloid in the form of Easy Rider (1969).

Net Worth Of Sonny Barger

Sonny Berger was an American actor, author and motorcyclist who had an estimated fortune of $500,000, Sonny Barger net worth is $500 thousand. at the date when he died in the month of June, 2022. Sonny Berger was known as an active part of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Sonny Barger was born on October 8, 1938 at Modesto, California. He was instrumental in establishing the Oakland, California chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in the year 1957.

Prior to this the time, he was a part in The Oakland Panthers Motorcycle Club. Sonny was named the president of the national chapter of the Hells Angels a year after the previous leader was sentenced to prison. Under his direction, numerous Angels chapters were joined into one single club.

Barger is also the author and editor of Hell’s Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club Death in 5 Heartbeats, Freedom: Credos from the Road and 6 Chambers with a hat.

One Bullet and Let’s Ride: Sonny Barger’s Guide to Motorcycles. He’s been in numerous films, including Hells Angels On Wheels Hell’s Angels 1969, Dead in 5 Heartbeats, and the TV show Sons of Anarchy.

Sonny Barger Married Life

Sonny Berger has been married four times. He was first married Elsie Mae, who died from a blood embolism February 1st 1967. Then he got married to Sharon Glurke.

Marries Noel after separation with his first wife. He was engaged to Zorona until the time of his death.

Throat Cancer And Retirement

In 1983, Berger had laryngeal cancer diagnosed in 1983. The vocal cords were surgically removed and he learned to speak with an Esophageal vocalizer.

The year 1987 saw him taken into custody in California in connection with federal arms and drug trafficking conspiracy charges, but he was trial was held before a jury in Louisville, Kentucky, for providing explosives for the destruction of the motorcycle gang of an outlaw in an unspecified territorial dispute.

He was found guilty and served three and one-half years of his sentence. He claimed to have been nabbed and detained by FBI.

Berger was a retired public leader for the Angels and settled in Arizona from 1998 to the present. Berger divorced Sharon and got married to Beth Noel (nee Black). The couple split after an argument at home that resulted in her being hospitalized for broken ribs and the spleen was torn.

As the gang war increased, he tried to arrange a peace meeting during the Laughlin River rally in Nevada in 2002. But the Hells didn’t permit him to take on with the Angels as well as the Mongols. Three people died and the event was cancelled.

He also sold various Sonny Barger merchandise, including his salsa. He also was writing books which included his autobiography Hells Angel (2001) that was co-written by twins Keith as well as Kent Zimmerman.

Also, he wrote his Zimmerman as well as the Biker autobiographies and two novel about a motorcycle known as Patch Kincaid. One of the novels, Dead in Five Heartbeats was turned into a movie in 2013 and was co-written by his wife of four years, Zorana (nee Kazakian). Both of them played minor parts in the film.

Sonny Barger War Against Outlaws

Barger sent an unrecorded document from the government made by the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) and containing the names and information about personal of Outlaws members and associates via express delivery to the sister of Webb located in Louisville, Kentucky, who sent it for distribution to the Hells Angels.

He also showed another version of the EPIC manual and explained the use of it to his fellow Hells Angels at the Oakland chapter meeting. A chap member suggested calling Outlaws to inquire if Webb’s murder was an isolated event, Barger responded, “Call them to pick and select.”

He loaned his copy of the EPIC guide to Tait to print following the death of Webb. Anchorage Chapter president Edwin Hubert, who also declared a retaliatory stance following Webb’s murder, instructed Tait to get an EPIC manual in September of 1986.

When Tait advised Barger during a phone interview , that Barger was told by the FBI requested that Barger look over the package, Webb’s sister suggested in the form of cards of sympathy.

Barger also distributed a picture of two criminals who killed Webb first at the Oakland chapter meeting on November 30, 1986 and then in the West Coast chapter officers’ summit on January 3rd the 3rd of January, 1987.

He and Tate talked about retaliation towards the outlaws several times and Tate advised Berger to go to Alaska to consult with members of the Anchorage Hells Angels chapter on Retaliation.

Sonny Barger Bio

Sonny Barger Imprisonment

On the 16th of March 1973 Barger got sentenced 10 years and a lifetime in prison following his conviction of possession of narcotics destined for auction (37 grams of heroin) and possessing an instrument by a previously convicted felon. The future bride, Sharon, was a co-defendant. Her trial was a saga of controversy after the jury could not decide on a verdict.

Due to the time he was in prison, Barger was forced to give up his post as the president for his Chapter Oakland Chapter for the first time since the chapter’s founding. According to intelligence reports of the police that he named San Jose Chapter President Fillmore Cross as his successor internationally on a motorbike ride around Bass Lake before his incarceration.

Cross was also incarcerated for possessing amphetamines, in 1975. Barger is believed to have continued to lead his group of Hells Angels from his cell in Folsom State Prison. In the time of his imprisonment The biker magazine also ran an ” Free Sonny Barger” campaign, which sold bumper stickers and T-shirts to pay for the legal fees.

Barger did numerous interviews which included an interview in which he was interviewed by Gerald Rivera for his television show Good Night America, in which he played himself as a model prisoner, declaring, ” Sometimes they needed to let me go.

He also started studying sociology. In Folsom. On April 27, 1977 Barger obtained an appellate ruling to get a fresh trial in connection with a previous cannabis possession conviction.

The acquittal he received in this case, allowed him to be eligible for parole as his conviction was not a crime. California Supreme Court ruled that the five-year waiting time that was attached to the sentence because of an earlier marijuana conviction was unconstitutional. He was granted parole the three November 1977 after having served four and one-half year of the sentence.

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