Six Best Villas On the Paxos Island

Staying in the hotels during vacations has almost become an old-fashion trend in the current scenario and now people prefer to stay in the villas where they can live like a king in his palace without any restrictions. The reason for this dynamic change is mainly due to the restrictions imposed by the management of hotels on activity, whether it is having the breakfast within the specific hours of the day, using the swimming pool, tennis court, parking space, or any other service according to their terms and conditions. Whereas this is not while staying in the villas and here you the freedom of using the whole according to your wish without any restrictions like its owner till you stay there and also depending upon your requirements you can ask for extra services. 
Keeping all these benefits in concern we decided to stay in one of the luxury villas in Paxos island during our holidays to this smallest island of Greece in the Ionian sea. Interestingly, we were fortunate to locate the villa of our choice provided by the Glyfada Beach Villas, which were located only the distance of ten minutes’ drive from Gaios or logos. Well, after reaching the villas we were told about the types of villas offered by them. There were overall about 16 villas categorized into six categories namely, the Stone House, the Glyfada House, the Glyfada Beach Villa, the Glyfada Beach Family Villa, the Ionian Villas, and the Ionian Studio. All these villas are well constructed, well equipped, and developed according to the number of members in your group.
1. Stone House Villa: As the name suggests this villa is mainly constructed by making the use of local stone. Located between two beaches Glyfada and Monodendri surrounded by the olive groves, this villa is an ideal location for the peace-lovers and the married couple going for the honeymoon. However, as it is suitable for almost 4 people even small family ith consisting of a mother, father and two children can also stay there without any trouble. The villa offers you the privilege of enjoying an iconic view of the island from its island and garden. Inside the villa, you will find an open plan bedroom with a double bed and another bedroom with two single beds. Other facilities available inside this villa include an open plan kitchen with cooking facilities, four electric hotplates, a fridge, sink, oven, sitting room, bathroom with shower, and a beautiful garden for the visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.
2. The Glyfada House: Located at the last corner of the island on the grounds of Glyfada, the Glyfada House villa is one of the best villas offered by the group. It is one of the villas, which is developed strictly according to Greek architecture and therefore also furnished accordingly to let people enjoy the pleasure of living in the Greek atmosphere. The white walls, wooden beams, and the use of local stone for developing this villa make it the best illustration of Greek architecture. The large terrace offers you the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and the green hills of Glyfada. The terrace is suitable for fresco dining. The villa is suitable for a small family of four people.
3. The Glyfada Beach Villa: If you are planning to go for a romantic holiday with your spouse then this is the perfect house for you to stay in the arms of nature. Located at the walking distance of fifteen minutes from Glyfada and Monodendri beaches this villa offers you the facilities like a small kitchenette with tea and coffee making facilities, breakfast bar, sink, and a few more. The availability of a sitting room, twin bedrooms, bathroom, furnished balcony to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. 
4. Glyfada Beach Family Villa: As the name suggests this villa is ideally the best for the families to stay and therefore besides offering other common amenities, it also has basic cooking facilities. The well maintained and elegantly furnished villa is developed with the local stone and wooden flooring. The two bedrooms, two bathrooms with shower facility, kitchenette with two hotplates, oven, sink, fridge, and of course the well-furnished balcony are the major amenities offered inside this villa for a family.
5. Ionian Villa: Due to its location at the top of the hill, this villa offers the mesmerizing view of Paxos Island from its vast terrace. The simple and elegant villas are well maintained and furnished with comfortable sofas and a marmer table. The whitewashed walls, stone flooring, and the green shutters add a spicy taste to its appearance and offer the pleasure of enjoying the cool breeze during the daytime. It is an open outside space with a seating facility for enjoying the beautiful view of the sea with a cup of tea during the morning and evening hours. Due to the presence of the swimming pool close to the villa, it is an ideal venue to stay for the family with children.
6. Ionian Studio: If you are planning to go for a romantic date on the Paxos island then it the best place for you to stay. The villa carries almost all those facilities that are offered in the Ionian villa, except for the fact that the former is suitable for the small family while the latter is suitable for two people only.

In short, villas in Paxos Island offer a comfortable stay according to the number of people coming into your group.