Trim to Impress: How to Manscape

Trim to Impress: How to Manscape


For men, you should keep your haircut classy; you don’t want anything to detract from the point you are trying to get across when you are speaking. Your hair should appear to be clean and not weighed down with product or gel. You can use gel; although it should look natural and not be caked on. (Using a lot is alright as long as you separate it with your fingers to achieve a clean look.) Make sure that you are using products without a lot of alcohol, as they will cause your hair to break down and not be as strong.

Additionally, it would be a good idea to use a barber instead of a stylist; they are just as good and cost a lot less. If you can’t utilize a barber, making sure that your neck is clean is alright as well. You can do this at home; just remember to use aftershave post-shave. This will eliminate any razor-burn, which can be very painful here. As relates to your hairline: if it isn’t perfect, you can make it appear fuller by ensuring you keep the hair on top a little longer. You will want to avoid having a bad comb-over and should shave it if it comes down to that. Another men grooming article at

Facial Hair

As relates to facial hair, neatly trimmed beards are in style right now. Simply let your beard grow out a little with high quality beard oil and go to a barber to line up the edges. After, it is easy to maintain on your own. You will want to invest in some high-quality clippers (either cordless or regular) with multiple length guards available. For the clean look with a beard, use the lowest setting for the beard. Other areas such as your neck and upper cheeks (and other areas of your body), you can take the guards off for a close trim.

You will also want to invest in a nose hair trimmer (which can be used on your ears too). Plucking nose hairs is one of the most painful experiences that you can go through, and you will want to avoid it. For easy manscaping on the go, both of these items can be easily placed into an overnight bag. Taking care of yourself isn’t about vanity; it is meant to allow you to express yourself more clearly, and be taken seriously.
If when you are speaking others aren’t distracted by nose or ear hair, it is easier to pay attention to the point that you are trying to get across. Keep in mind the reverse is also true, and take that with a grain of salt. Being self-aware is not always easy, but the self-confidence that it brings is easy to see from everyone else’s perspective.


If like me, you are one of those “lucky” guys who were born with a uni-brow; the good news is that I can help. I was able to shape it into something aesthetically pleasing and should be able to do the same for you. First, you will want to trim them with a pair of small scissors; the kind that nail salons use for cuticles are perfect. Doing this will take away a lot of the bulk and make it more refined. Now you can use some tweezers to remove the hair in between your eyebrows. When doing this, you will want to avoid going too far in either direction, so using the bridge of your nose is a good guide.

As relates to shaping the brows themselves, (and this is where a lot of guys do it wrong), you will want to pluck from the top instead of the section above your eye. Taking too much from underneath the brow will give you an overly-groomed look that is not good for guys. Remember, you don’t need to have the perfect brows; you just want to clean them up a little bit to be more presentable.

Body Hair

Lastly, let’s discuss body hair. To start, there is nothing wrong with chest hair; although you will want to keep it trimmed. Use a 2 or 3 on the clipper guard and this should look neat and trimmed. Your stomach area will look more defined when trimmed shorter additionally. As relates to back hair, there is no good amount of it.

If you have back hair, you will want to keep it shaved or waxed. Using the hair trimmer with guards, blend in the more trimmed areas to the hairier ones. Now for down there: regardless of your sexual orientation, nobody likes hair on their baby-makers. Neither guys nor girls like for men to be hairy down there, and keeping it trimmed and shaved may get you more opportunities.
Manscaping can be time-consuming at first, but once you understand how to do it and keep up with it, the trimmer doesn’t take that long. And the rewards are well worth the time. Before you adjust the rest of your surroundings and environment, you need to start with yourself. To enjoy the benefits, you need to put in the work, and the rest is up to you.