Advantages Of Field Management System For Service Providing Companies

For any business the ultimate aim is to use the resources to optimum level and high customer satisfaction. When these both goals are achieved, the business growth is assured along with good revenue and profits.

Many software can be seen in the market today and one of them is the field management system software by Field Promax. It can significantly benefit your business if you are in the service industry. Here’s a look at the benefits of the software:

· Increased efficiency of on-field workers

One of the major benefits of the software is that the efficiency of on-field workers increases. The software enables you to send task to the field worker’s mobie. It contains information like optimal route to the site, spare parts and tools required, service history of customers, contact, contractual commitment, and other information.

· Flexibility

Field Promax offers complete freedom to use both android and iOS platforms. The software needs no complex training for your technicians. They can understand the functions of the software with a simple 10- 15 minutes of user training. Your technicians can use the mobile app for uploading a picture of the service, maintenance, up-gradation, etc., and get a signature from the client as well.

· Professionalism

The software offers professional edge over competitors. It stores business related information in one central database. A digitized platform with service engineer enhances the user experience and instills faith in them.

· Create Work Orders From Your Desktop Or Mobile

The softwareintroduces mobility to your business. With the software, work order creation is now easy as they can be created inside your office as well as when you are in the field. This way, the reach and availability of your business expand. You can meet the needs of the clients faster. In fact, for recurring services, Field Promax enables you to generate orders automatically.

· Resource optimization

It not only enhances productivity of on-field workers but also enables better utilization of resources. The software enables better team co-ordination. Also, a higher accuracy is observed when the software is used for maintaining and tracking process.

· Generate Invoices Automatically

Now there is no need for long paperwork for generating invoice after installation or maintenance jobs. The technician can use the mobile app for sending an invoice after completion of the task. Field Promax automatically generates the invoice. Also, the software allows you to charge differently for the same service based on negotiation with each client.

· Improved customer satisfaction

With the software, you have ability to respond faster to the customer request. The customers also have an option to track the technician and kept in the loop about delays. When an organization addresses customer requests with increased responsiveness, organization can achieve more than customer satisfaction.

· Real time visibility

The software offers validation of operational output with reference to actual time of arrival, job status, and time taken for completion of job.

If you are looking for robust field scheduling software for your business, connect with Field Promax team for more insight intothe software and how it can benefit your business.