Homemade Facial scrubs: Why and How To

Our skin sustains a lot during the day; the dirt, pollution, debris, dead skin as the cells regrow and die, bacteria and what not. These all form a layer and pull the skin down. Result; a dull looking skin, lacking in luster.
Benefits of Exfoliation
Exfoliation on the other hand, helps to get rid of this baggage, peeling it away to reveal a supple and healthy-looking skin. Gentle exfoliation is also effective to unclog the pores and rejuvenate the skin. The massaging action also helps to improve circulation, and thus nourishes the skin cells from within. Moreover, as the access layers are removed, skin care products are able to penetrate deeper into the skin and thus become more effective.
Things to watch out for during exfoliation
Facial exfoliation needs to be done gently. Any DIY scrubs that involve coarse and big particles, like sugar etc., should be avoided for the face, as the facial skin in thinner and more delicate. These ingredients can irritate, inflame and even break the skin. Careful attention has to be paid to the frequency of exfoliation as when over-done, it does more harm than good.
Moreover, certain ingredients might not be suitable for your skin, or you might be allergic to them. They can cause reactions and skin damage.  Hence, do not always jump into the scrubs but rather make decisions per your skin-type. However, if you are not sure what sort of exfoliants to use or have had a bad exfoliation episode, perhaps visit the top dermatologist in Lahore for some much needed help.
Homemade facial scrubs
DIY scrubs are a great thing. Not only are they cost effective, but all-natural products ensure minimal use of chemical and artificial products. Also, it is easier to try out variety of scrubs and choose which suits you better, which is not entirely possible when opting for pricy beauty products.
Moreover, you potentially can never run out of them; most the items and ingredients used are already present in most of the households.
Following are some easy-peasy yet effective facial scrub recipes;
Coffee and olive oil scrub
Coffee is not just great for a good morning but is also great for the skin. It contains antioxidants, that soothe and heal it. Coffee also has antiaging properties and reduces inflammations. It is great for sun damage as well.
Olive oil on the other hand is extremely moisturizing. It has antibacterial properties that help get rid of the problematic skin bacteria. Mixed together, these two ingredients make a great scrub. Just mix the well-grounded coffee with olive oil. Apply it to the face and gently rub over in circular motion.
Pineapple and Papaya scrub
This tropical scrub not only is effective, but also smells great. Both the fruits are natural exfoliants. Papaya is rich in vitamins and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Similarly, pineapple too, is rich in antioxidants and vitamin c. It has antiaging effect as well. These both fruits can be mushed to make an excellent exfoliant.
Oatmeal Scrub
This breakfast cereal also moonlights as a great facial scrub. The antioxidants and anti- inflammatory agents help to sooth the skin. It is especially great for those having oil skin, as it also helps to absorb excess oil from the skin.
The simplest oatmeal scrub can be made by finely grinding the oats and mixing them with water to form a paste. However, one can also add honey or rose petal to make a more holistic scrub.
Exfoliation is great to get rid of dull skin. However, if using scrubs is not helping, then perhaps the problem is more complicated. In such case, the best approach is to visit a dermatologist in Islamabad as unhealthy skin might just be a symptom of some other disease.