Matthew Davies Stockton Looks at How to Stop Being Lazy and Improve Productivity

Stop Being Lazy and Improve Productivity


Taking a day off can help you break away from the monotonicity of life. Most people get tired of the 9 to 5 routine, which is entirely natural. It happens to the best of people. However, trouble comes when one lazy day turns into a week or more. Being lazy is contagious. The human brain is wired to be lazy. It is programmed to seek comfort and usually shrinks at the first sign of distress and turmoil. It has to be goaded into the labor. Matthew Davies Stockton is here to share some tips to boost your productivity. Without further ado, let’s get started.
Tips & Tricks
1. Set manageable goals- Setting up unrealistic goals is the roadmap to failure. Everything takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your assignment won’t be finished in a week. In order to learn a new skill or to perfect an existing one, you need to dedicate consistent time and effort to it.
Setting manageable goals doesn’t mean you’re reducing your work; rather, it’s the opposite. When you break up a single target into smaller parts, you have a better chance of achieving each of them, because they are relatively easier to complete. Overloading yourself with hundreds of tasks won’t get you far. To improve your productivity, you need to decide on more manageable goals and try achieving one step at a time.
2. Avoid perfectionism- Nobody is perfect. Everyone lacks a certain quality in some aspect of their lives. Studies reveal that the ever-increasing competition that’s putting excess stress on students demands unrealistic results. The same is also not limited to students. If you want to improve productivity at work, you need to let go of the notion of perfectionism and embrace your best work. Instead of repeatedly criticizing yourself for a task, focus on getting it done within a set period. Just get it done to the best of your abilities. Adjust your productivity to meet deadlines instead of burning yourself out by running after perfectionism.
3. Positive reinforcement- The biggest enemy of man is their own mind. A subconscious mind is a powerful tool, one that cannot be controlled but holds great potential. Recall that voice that keeps beeping in the back of your head, saying you’re not good enough. Stop disabling yourself. 
Humans are capable of withstanding unimaginable atrocities. The key to overcoming obstacles and boosting your productivity is by positive reinforcement. Instead of saying you can’t, assure yourself that you will get the job done. It’s your responsibility and duty to complete the task. Do this, and you’ll realize that you’re already halfway there.
4. Congratulate yourself- The act of self-recognition is a great way to positively reinforce yourself. Set small personal goals, and reward yourself for achieving them. For instance, if you’re able to complete that assignment by the weekend, treat yourself to a nice dinner. 
Productivity doesn’t increase overnight. It requires time, patience, and consistent effort. You have to be willing to put in the energy, and the results will show in time. Matthew Davies Stockton believes that if you can measure the increase in productivity, you still have a long way to go.