Simple Ways to go Green

Going green in 2020 is easier than ever before. Although it may appear “trendy” to go green, there are very legitimate reasons to consider going green. Additionally, many ways to transition to a more sustainable life are pretty easy to do. Sometimes, it requires formulating a newer mindset. While some popular topics like going solar are well-known methods to go green, we will not cover those. Instead, we will cover what you can do with little money and do right now to start making your community a better place.

Benefits of Going Green

Before diving into the “how,” let us begin with the “why.” Overall, going green means using less from the “grid.” This grid represents utility usage from water to electricity, gas, and more. Upon reducing this usage, your monthly bills will decrease. That leads us to your first benefit, smaller bills, and more money in your wallet.

Furthermore, the most obvious benefit would be a reduction in environmental degradation. Since your household will require fewer resources to operate, that means fewer resources overall will be consumed or delivered to your home. Thus, establishing a more sustainable supply chain for the environment. It is essential because the environment needs time, not on a human scale, to replenish itself and sustain itself. Therefore, if we slow down consumption, we give mother nature more time to make things right again. Your contribution to this matter, in conjunction with others, will make drastic impacts. Although you alone will not make much of a difference, but with continuous effort, your community will result in massive changes. Finally, going green also entails cutting out unnecessary supply chains were resources are wasted, and the earth destroyed. It often means avoiding big corporate brands and instead opting for the local economy. For instance, transporting a potato from just down the road is a lot more environmentally friendly than relying on a plane from several thousands of miles away to do the same thing.

Simple Eco-friendly Tips

Now consider some methods of “going green.” These are all simple and frequently free things you can begin doing right now to transition into a more sensible and sustainable lifestyle.

Consider growing your food.

It does not mean you should never shop at the grocery again. Preferably, you can consider starting a small garden with your favorite veggies and herbs. Even just eating from this garden for a month or two will reduce the environmental impact of transporting food and the use of harmful pesticides.

Consider eating less meat.

The over-arching industrial meat and dairy complex of the United States is massively damaging to the environment. To the point that nearly 18 percent of greenhouse gases is by the meat industry alone.

Consider reducing your car

You can opt for walking, riding a bike, using public transportation, or carpooling when possible. All of this reduces emissions immensely. Finally, you could think about how your dollar impacts the economy and consider boycotting companies that pollute the environment knowingly. Although not commonly discussed, a small handful of companies produce the majority of pollution in the world.

Going Green With Renewable Energy

By implementing some of these tips and considering others, you could reduce your energy consumption and your PA electric rate and produce a positive butterfly effect on your community. It is these small changes and more that will give your children a better future. Also, it will make a greater impact in our environment. Remember, it begins with YOU!