5 Helpful Tips On Handling Your Vaping Liquids Safely

 A vape device comes with a string of responsibilities that you must never ignore. One of them is the vaping liquid that it uses, which should be stored conveniently and safely. 

You may experience challenges in storing vape juices and are probably wondering, ‘should you take vape juices?’ Well, wonder no more. Here are five tips to help keep your e-juice safely:

  1. Store Away From heat

E-liquids are very sensitive and even the slightest alterations can ruin them. One way of doing this is by storing it in hot places. The heat has these effects on E-juices:

  • Alters the normal texture of the vape juice. 

  • It causes the vape juice to lose its strength and taste. This effect boils down to the ingredients used in its manufacture. Eventually, the flavor will be ruined, and the taste will be horrible.

  • The overall quality of the vape juice becomes generally degraded. Temperatures above 250°F cause the components that make up the vape juice to separate. Lowering the heat will not cause it to regain its fresh smell and flavor.

On the bright side, it’s possible to bring any heat under control, even during summer. A chest freezer comes in handy, especially if you’d like to store your vape juice in large quantities over the summer. To make it more effective, be sure to regulate it according to its flavors and ingredients.

  1. Keep Away From Light

Direct light from the sun can harm the vape juice. The ingredients of e-juice are naturally sensitive to sun rays. Exposure to sunlight weakens the taste and flavor, rendering it less effective.

The main ingredient in e-juice is nicotine, which is mostly affected by sunlight. One sign that confirms your e-juice has been affected is when it turns dark in color. On the bright side, this doesn’t make your vape juice less safe to use.

You should only discard your e-liquid when you notice a strange taste or smell. Here’s what exposure to sunlight does to e-juice:

  • Lessens the strength and influence of nicotine in the vape juice.

  • It decreases the natural flavor of e-juice hence the tastelessness after staying out in the sunlight for long.

  • E-juice loses its original colors and turns darker. This makes the vaper lose interest in using the e-liquid.

Choosing darker environments or opaque containers lengthens the shelf life of your preferred vape juice. The flavor and ingredients will remain intact due to the absence of sunlight and other harmful factors.

Additionally, always check on the quality of your vaping product. High-quality e-juices always lasts a bit longer, even when the conditions are unfriendly. Also, avoid traveling with it in your car because it can get unbearably hot.

  1. Avoid Exposure To Air

Leaving your vape juice containers unsealed after use could make it nearly useless. This is because when you expose it to air, the nicotine in the juice will combine with air and cause a reaction.

Nicotine and air come together to form cotinine, and the oxidation process breaks down nicotine. Since air is everywhere, the effects vary depending on how much it gains access to your e-liquid.

Your storage space greatly contributes to this since it’s tricky to escape the presence of air. However, with all the right resources and methods, storing your favorite vape juice won’t be such an uphill task.

You may want to discard the e-juice if exposed in the air longer than it should. There will be untold effects that you may not be aware of, and this could be risky. If oxygen happens to get trapped inside your vape juice container, there won’t be much damage if sunlight is not involved.

  1. Proper Long-term Storage Plans

There are ground rules that every vaper should follow when it comes to storing vape juice—for instance, picking a storage method that’s in line with your somewhat busy schedule.

You could use plastic or glass, depending on your juice’s interaction level with your preferred material. When using plastic, the taste will be altered due to the chemical changes due to the interaction.

Nonetheless, plastic is highly recommended if you need a short-term storage plan for your e-juice. On the other hand, glass is known to preserve vape juice for longer periods and retain the freshness. They can store vape juice for up to 1-2 years although there might be slight changes in taste.

Freezing is another popular and modern method that most vapers turn to. The main reason for this is the easy access to it. Freezing vape juice doesn’t mean it will turn into a rock. On the contrary, it will only become thicker than its normal state.

You should allow it to warm up normally before using it in your vaping device. Do this by placing it in an environment with favorable conditions. Your vape juice will ultimately gain its original viscosity and will be ready for use. The result you should take note of is if it loses its original flavor.

Not much happens to your e-liquid during the freezing process because the molecules lose their energy and become less active.

  1. High Cupboards

This is the safest place to store your e-juices for several reasons. One of them is that it’s out of the reach of children and pets. Most importantly, the top shelf is usually equipped with all the necessary conditions for effective and safe storage.

Investing in a high cupboard guarantees you plenty of storage space where you can keep as many flavors as you want. Ensure that your ideal location is nowhere near the window since it lets in all the unnecessary elements for storage.

If your home doesn’t have an ideal space for such a cupboard, a lockable storage box will do. It’s advantageous because it’s portable and you can always pick a spot for it. You have to ensure that it’s nowhere close to your oven or radiator. You can consider this method of storage, especially if you are in it for the short term. 

Bottom Line

Vape juices are sensitive and must be handled as such. They come in varying flavors, which determine their ideal storage method. Thanks to their manageable nature, it’s quite simple to preserve the vape liquids while preserving their original state safely.