Is Camel Milk the Best for Infants?

One of the most significant and common responsibilities as a parent is to see what your child is consuming. Most of the mothers are worried about the type of food and milk they are feeding them. Well, this is common, yet not to worry about. This is a very familiar problem every mother comes across at one point or another, and deciding the choice of milk is no exception. Studies have shown that one of the best milk is camel milk for infants. It looks like it is the latest trend. No wonder that camel milk is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. However, there are a plethora of reasons why camel milk for babies is the right choice. Below mentioned are the reasons why camel milk is better for babies.

  • Camel milk is high in lactoferrin

  • It is 100 percent natural

  • Camel milk is drug-free

  • Camel milk is chemical-free

  • The milk does not consist of beta-lactoglobulin

  • Your kid can digest the milk easily

  • It has a lot of protein, and the lactose is low

At what age can you start giving the camel milk to your baby?

Experts have said that it is better to feed the babies with camel milk after eight months. Since the babies’ kidneys are not formed completely until eight months, it is recommended to provide them with the milk once they are ready to ingest in the right manner. In case you have any other questions or doubts, it is better to consult your doctor.

Benefits of consuming camel milk

There is no denying the fact that camel milk is known to be similar to breast milk in terms of composition. In addition to this, it is also a useful supplement to breastfeeding. Camel milk is known to have numerous medicinal characteristics with potential health advantages. It has the highest level of bioactive components and nutrients. The pasteurized camel milk itself consists of less amount of lactose and cholesterol both. When we talk about the nutrition level, it has a high vitamin, magnesium, and potassium level. This is one primary reason why consuming camel milk is also an ideal option for people who suffer from digestive problems. Most of them assume that camel milk does not taste good. Nevertheless, that is not the case. It is undoubtedly like milk, adding a little more distinctness. Expect it to be smooth but a bit salty.

Another pasteurized camel milk benefits is that you can find it in several products and not just the milk. You can find camel milk in flavored milk, yogurt, ice cream. In case you want to make it a part of your meal, it is better to take some of it with your cereal or porridge. In addition to this, if your kids are a bit fussy, try adding some syrup-like strawberry or chocolate. This way, they are not only consuming healthy milk, but also their taste buds are fulfilled.

Thirdly, camel milk is more sustainable as compared to other options. The reason why camel milk is safe is that they are not true ruminant animals, unlike cows. Hence, they produce less methane as compared to ruminant livestock.

The final thoughts

Camel milk is one of the products which is on its way to becoming a hot commodity all over the world. It is worth consuming camel milk because of the numerous benefits it provides. These are some of the essential factors to consider. There is no harm in feeding camel milk to infants. It is entirely safe. You need not worry about anything. However, one crucial thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to feed the baby before he/she turns eight months, as mentioned above. Doing so might give rise to further health issues. With all that being said, make sure you purchase the pasteurized camel milk from a reliable shop. With so many of them in the market, it is not easy to determine which one is the best. With a little research and homework, you will, for sure, end up finding a reliable one. After all it is about feeding your babies. Their health is of utmost importance. Do not take it as a joke. Be sure with whatever decision you make and purchase the milk which is of best quality. If you have any question regarding the same do not hesitate to ask the shopkeeper. Get started now. 

Feed your baby with the camel milk and notice the positive changes in no time.