How to Study Economics For IAS

 Both in IAS prelims and mains, a vast majority of people find Economics the toughest to crack. In order to get appointed as a civil servant, a candidate needs to remain up-to-date with recent trends and developments. Even though a majority of IAS aspirants are confused about how to study economics and what are the best study materials for the IAS exam, you should be mindful of one thing- Economics is mostly on new policies mechanism and current affairs. However, economics is an interesting subject, and one who is interested in the subject is engaging since one can connect the subject to real-life and everything occurring around us.

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.How to Study Economics For IAS

Understand the Syllabus: The first step that you need to do is to be familiar with the syllabus of economics. Before you begin with your studies, you should understand the depth and extent of the economics syllabus. Memorize the syllabus thoroughly so that you don’t have to refer to it every time during your studies.

Sources: The second most important thing that you need to do is to choose the sources wisely. Rather than choosing a lot of study materials, you have to stick to a few relevant sources.

Notes: While you’re studying, make smart and crisp notes. Make use of diagrams throughout for making study notes. But keep in mind that the notes should be a concise precis of what you’ve learned and not a replica of what you’re studying.

Dynamic Subject: Since economics is a dynamic subject, you should study in such a way that you should have a constant watch on the current affairs and day-to-day news. Update your notes every time with the latest government schemes and policy updates in the backdrop of the World and Indian Economy.

Do Revision and Practice: Your brain gets acquainted with the topic when you’re studying and understands the topic, whereas, through revision, your brain registers the information and will be ready to recollect it. When you practice, recalling everything will be instantaneous, without any fault, and with that, you can save a lot of time. Therefore both practice and revision are vital and perhaps more important than any other step you take during your studies.

To conclude, it will be wiser to start studying Economics in such a way that your studying for IAS preliminary exam becomes the base for studying for the mains exam. Through having a correct strategy, as mentioned above, you can ace the test with top marks since you can attempt the questions related to economics too.

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