5 Essential Accessories You Must Carry In Your Vape Kit

5 Essential Accessories You Must Carry In Your Vape Kit

If you’re a seasoned vaper who also happens to travel a lot, you’re probably already familiar with the challenges many vapers face when trying to pack their vape accessories.

While the word ‘vaporizer’ may feature prominently in your packing list, it’s important to remember that a vaporizer is simply the entire e-cig unit, which in itself comes with several attachments.

Unfortunately, forgetting just a single vape accessory may make it impossible to vape in the first place. Therefore, it’s essential to know the crucial accessories that every vaper must carry.

The following are the top five essential attachments that must feature in your vape kit.

1.   Spare Vape Tanks

A vape tank is the component of a vaporizer that holds your e-juice. In addition to keeping the e-liquid, a vape tank also houses the coils and wicks.

First-generation vaporizers, commonly known as cigalikes, were generally designed to be disposable after the first use. For such e-cigs, you won’t need to carry a spare vape tank but purchase the entire unit.

But as you shall find, most modern vaporizers feature reusable vape tanks. And regardless of how many times you recycle the vape tank, you’ll need to replace it sooner or later, making it necessary to have a spare tank with you.

When looking for the right vape tank, insist on a tank that matches your vaporizer’s design, size, and aesthetics. So, if you’re using a branded e-cig, ensure that you source the spare tank from the same brand that supplies your vaporizers.

2.   E-Juice

Without e-juice, it’s impossible to vape. So, it doesn’t matter how many e-cig attachments you’ve remembered to include in your vape kit; it’s all an act in futility if you forget your favorite e-liquid.

While choosing e-juices, insist on liquids that contain your preferred flavorings and nicotine levels, as well as suitable vegetable glycerin (VG): propylene glycol (PG) ratios.

It’s advisable to select e-juices that feature a cocktail of different flavors when it comes to flavorings. That will prevent you from getting ‘vapers tongue.’ Vapers tongue refers to the inability to tell the taste of an e-juice, which often results from vaping one type of flavor for a long time.

Another best practice when packing e-juice is to ensure that it contains lower nicotine levels to guard against addiction and dependency. You can also easily find nicotine-free vape juice along with high quality CBD vape juice on the market.

There go the top five accessories that you must carry in your vape kit. As a parting shot, remember to have at least two carry cases. One case can house attachments like drip tips, chargers, and vape tanks, whereas the other case should be used exclusively for holding vape batteries.

3.   Spare Batteries and Chargers

A vape battery is another essential item to carry in your portable vape starter kits. Much like a vape tank, you should first determine whether your vaporizer is disposable or reusable. For disposable vape devices, you won’t need a spare battery.

Vape batteries come in different sizes, including the basic 18650 and other sizes like 20700 and 21700. Again, you should select a battery that fits the size and design of your vaporizer.

And as you pack spare vape batteries, don’t forget the chargers. Some of the standard features to look for when selecting a vape battery charger include ease of use, the ability to charge various cells, and maximum durability. The fire-resistance mostly determines the durability of the charger. So, insist on batteries that are enclosed in ABS plastic.

Some chargers also come with an LCD screen, where you can get insights on the battery’s current charging mode and know when it’s fully charged. Most importantly, the charger should come with a safety feature to prevent any short circuits. Finally, handle the battery and charger with care at all times to avoid possible explosions.

4.   The Mouthpiece

Many vapers don’t consider the mouthpiece (also known as drip tip) as an essential vape accessory until their current mouthpiece gets broken and they can’t figure out how to replace it.

When packing extra drip tips in your vape kit and laughing strain, the emphasis should be on quantity, quality, and style. Since the drip tip is the part that gets in contact with your mouth, it plays a crucial role in influencing your overall vaping experience.

Experts recommend experimenting with drip tips of different shapes, sizes, and materials.

As you shall find, mouthpieces are made of several materials, including metal, ceramic, plastic, wood, and glass. Glass and ceramic come out on top as the best drip tip materials, thanks to their low sensitivity to heat.

5.   Microfiber Cloths

Regular cleaning and maintenance go a long way in enhancing the durability of a vaporizer. However, many vapers who understand this basic principle often struggle to find the right cleaning material for the e-cigs.

As it turns out, microfiber cloths are the most recommended cleaning materials, thanks to their smooth texture and remarkable absorbency.

Microfiber cloths are also relatively durable and can easily outlast even the most durable e-cigs. That’s due to their ability to hold up to repeated washing and withstand some of the common solvents used in cleaning vape devices.

What’s more, you can always have the cloth branded with your design if you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your vaping experience.