Quick Guide to Choosing High-End Hospitality Furniture For Your Hotel in 2021!

Quick Guide to Choosing High-End Hospitality Furniture For Your Hotel in 2021!

Suppose you plan to set up a new hotel around New York City, Washington, Florida, North Virginia, California, or even Maryland. In that case, you need to make sure to leave a stunning first impression. Yes! We meant leaving an impression that makes them say WOW! Not only the front desk area but the dining and lobby area should also be equipped with unique features, making the whole hotel stand out from the rest of the competitors around. An inviting lobby should have that high end hospitality furniture that becomes a reason for your guests to tell their friends about your hospitality venture. 

We can’t deny that hospitality has been a thriving industry where the advertising aspect is a huge part. It generally helps in sustaining the business, catering and impressing the guests then becomes a priority further. 

The lobby is a particular area that should not be overlooked. Because the customers’ positive experience staying at the hotel will step first into the lobby, or else, you will find them flexing, reading newspapers, or enjoying coffee there. Putting it in simple words, the lobby is where guests spend most of their time during their stay. So as of now, if you are assigned the responsibility of choosing luxury furniture for your hotel, then here are the top three factors to consider beforehand. So, let’s get started with knowing all those qualities! 

Prefer Practicality in Every Piece 

Every best furniture manufacturer around the United States and even the rest of the world strongly believes that the beauty of a four-poster bed loses its actual appeal if it restricts the television screen. With this, if your hotel serves more for business meetings or conferences purpose, then plush carpets and suede sofas are something that should not be a part of the wear and tear. Everything should be assorted and practical. 

Choosing Something Aesthetically Pleasing 

Talking about the color scheme to be portrayed in every room should be relaxing enough. This simply indicates to incorporate earth and neutral tones instead of loud and vibrant ones. And, guess what, the textures and shapes should be welcoming. Unless you themed rooms in your hotel, this normally involves using subtle and modern shapes. Eventually, every piece of high end hospitality furniture at your Sheraton should belong well to the room theme. If you don’t have that special eye for picking quality furniture, go for any of the established hospitality furniture manufacturers around you. They will assist you in achieving the vibe you want. 

Safe and Comfortable at the Same Time 

Last but not least, safety and comfort are something that should withstand every corner of your hotel. As a hotel owner or the operative manager, you need to adhere to safety and health regulations while choosing furniture. Especially as the COVID-19 pandemic is on the surge, every piece should be clean and disinfected in every suite.

This also includes picking quality pieces that are not prone to fragmentation. Choose textiles for furniture with retardant finishes. This is something important to pay attention to because the effect of furniture pieces with durable fabric goes in vain if your guests don’t feel comfortable sitting on them. So, never set too low the comfort factor while planning for the hotel seating plan. 

So what’s your kickass concept of choosing the most luxurious and comfy hospitality furniture? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to hear from you. 

Ranny Watson