5 Mistakes To Avoid When You Smoke Marijuana

5 Mistakes To Avoid When You Smoke Marijuana

You might know the soothing feeling of the first joint. For some, it’s a heavenly experience, but for some new users, it’s another story. However, you can make your pot-smoking experience better. If you are a new user, this article will guide you on avoiding some common mistakes. If you are an experienced stoner, you will gain the art of enhancing your pot-smoking experience.

Good quality marijuana from sellers like many vendors makes your mood light. It helps you relieve stress, makes you sleep better, and relieves your pain. Although, it depends upon the way a user smokes on how he extract maximum benefits from this herb.

Here are the top five mistakes to avoid when you smoke your herb.

1.    Taking excessive weed

The consumption of marijuana intends to bring joy, relief, and pleasure to your body and mind. Although, at times, you might feel “a sudden episode” of intense fear, restlessness, and discomfort. This is called an anxiety attack. Anxiety attack is a negative effect of taking weed improperly. Few studies have been conducted about the relationship between marijuana and mental illness. These studies show mixed findings. A 2014 research shows evidence that marijuana can trigger anxiety.

You can avoid this mistake easily. Take small puffs with an interval long enough to make you feel the gradual effect of marijuana. Usually, taking small puffs in intervals of at least 45 seconds to 70 seconds is ideal.

2. Using poor quality Lighters

Newcomers or even regular stoners light their joints with butane lighters, match sticks and can also use cart pen. The fumes of butane burnt with the joint are harmful to your health. Furthermore, the sulfur of the match stick produces poisonous gas on the ignition, which also harms your lungs when inhaled.

Instead, use plasma lighters. They burn only a tiny portion of the herb without wasting the leaves. Plasma lighter does not have any liquid fuel and it doesn’t produce any fumes of burnt sulfur. It is a better and economical option.

3.    Storing weed carelessly

The way you store weed affects its taste and quality. A poorly stored weed loses its flavor and potency. It crumbles over time and becomes dry. marijuana can remain fresh in the relative humidity of the range of 59 % to 63%.

The relative humidity is the amount of vapor air can hold. Marijuana needs to be stored in a good quality closed container to maintain the relative humidity of the air. Use glass lid jars (mason jars). They are pretty ideal for storing cannabis. You can also use stainless steel containers to preserve the quality, potency, freshness, and flavor for a longer time.

4. Staying dehydrated

If you smoke weed regularly, you might be familiar with the cottonmouth effect. It is awful and often lessens the fun of smoking. Treat your cottonmouth by maintaining the hydration level of your body. You can carry a water bottle and stay hydrated during your smoking sessions.

Also, some users get dry and chapped lips after smoking. They feel irritated and uncomfortable. The easiest solution is to apply a lip balm. The protective layer of balm doesn’t let the lips get dry. It also aids in retaining the original color of the lips.

5.Lack of knowledge of strains of marijuana

Experienced Users know the difference between good and bad cannabis. A chemically treated marijuana can give a “head buzz.” New users must know the type of cannabis they are going to smoke. There are several varieties of cannabis. But, Indica and Sativa are one of the two primary types of cannabis. Indica makes you feel relaxed, while Sativa can enhance your sensory receptors. This also means that if a new user consumes Sativa and starts feeling fear, anxiety, or pain, it will enhance the effect of those sensations.

However, you may not feel the same effect as your friends feel. The strain effect differs from one person to another. There are other hybrid varieties of cannabis also. It is difficult to differentiate each of the arrays from one another until you are an expert.

In a nutshell       

The overall experience of vaping can be enhanced if you use good-quality marijuana. Well-preserved marijuana retains its flavor. Furthermore, while igniting your pipe, always use plasma lighters. Once you start smoking, keep in mind that short puffs at regular intervals give a better effect than long and quick puffs. Always drink water during and after smoking to save yourself from the cottonmouth effect, and carry a lip balm to moisturize your lips.

A new user should take care of some fundamental rules. You can also calibrate your breathing. If you store it in a glass container and avoid those mistakes mentioned above, you can enhance your smoking experience.