6 Ways To Make Your E Juice More Tasty

6 Ways To Make Your E Juice More Tasty

One of the most enjoyable parts of vaping is soaking in the blissful flavors of the juice in every draw. The plush flavors of fruits, berries, florals, or desserts are a treat to the tastebuds. If you are a flavor-chasing vape, then here we present six powerful tips that can enhance the flavor palette of your e-juice.

1. Find The Right Vape Device

The atomizer used for vaping plays a critical role in expressing the flavors in vape juice. Designs with atomizers located on top concentrate the burden of flavor on the wick. It means that the flavors may not be proficient. But bottom coil atomizers require significantly less pressure to soak up the wick. It means seamless absorption, which reflects well on the flavor intensity.

The tank also profoundly influences flavor. A good performing tank like with pacha mama vape juice can ensure consistent and rich flavor delivery from your juice. Always choose small bore coil tanks as they restrict airflow for the best performance.

Rebuildable atomizers are also a good choice for serious vapers. You can build your coils and experiment with different types to identify the best specifications for you. Remember, although customizing means extra effort, it can significantly reflect on the flavor performance.

2. Strike The Right Balance Between VG And PG

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol are two colorless liquids that majorly constitute any vape juice. The base ingredients are heavily responsible for pronouncing the flavoring agents and nicotine in the e-liquid.

Most vape juice available in the stores expresses a 50-50 ratio of both ingredients. While it is ideal for many users, if you are specifically looking to enhance the flavor palette of your vapor, you might have to switch to PG dominant ratios.

VG adds density to the vape juice and ensures thick clouds of vapors. But it is PG that interacts with the flavors and nicotine to make it more visible. PG-rich liquids deepen the flavors in the juice by giving a more substantial base for expressing the taste. Therefore, increasing the PG ratio in the liquid can help you enjoy the flavors better.

Beware, high PG in e-liquids also means a harsh throat hit. Hence, try ratios like 60:40 PG: VG instead of 80:20 or higher to avoid discomfort.

3. Store The Vape Juice Properly

Storing the e-juice properly is very important to ensure it retains the flavors. The components of the juice are sensitive to heat, light, and airflow. Preserving the liquid from these elements is critical to retain the natural flavor palette and integrity for the best results.

Always store e-liquids in a cool, dark corner of the house. If the vape juice bottle is transparent, empty the contents into a dark bottle before storing. Alternatively, you can place the bottle inside an opaque container.

In case of bulk purchases, pour the juice into a small container. Stash the rest at the back of your closet or refrigerator. It reduces the chances of exposing the juice to the air, which affects the taste.

4. Clean The Device

Even the best vape devices will fail to give you the right flavors if you forget to maintain them. The gunk and e-juice traces will reduce the device’s performance and induce a burning taste to the vapors. Clean your vaporizer once every week with water. Once a month, go for deep cleaning to get rid of residue and gunk and continue to enjoy the wholesome flavors.

5. Change The Temperature And Power Settings

The vaping temperature and device wattage influence the intensity of flavors in the vapor. Too much heat can ruin the taste, while too little would cause improper vaporization. Your vape juice tastes pleasant at a minimal temperature range, and striking it right at this point gives you a pleasurable experience.

Start vaping at a low temperature and slowly increase to analyze its effects on the flavors. Make sure the coil can tolerate this temperature. Different e-liquids require different temperatures and wattage settings. Keep that in mind for a wonderful vape time.

6. Get Rid Of The Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue or flavor fatigue is a common problem among regular users. Vaping the same vape juice flavor for a long time will cause your mouth to become too comfortable with it. Over time, you will lose the ability to enjoy the intricate details of the juice. The vapors will start to feel tasteless and boring, and the flavor intensity is also evidently lost.

One of the simplest ways to resolve this issue is to mix flavors in your routine. If you are using sweet flavors like dessert juice, add a plain flavor or flavorless bottle to the cycle. Avoid using similar palettes like lemon and orange. Explore a broader flavor palette to enjoy the niche flavors in the vape juice.

Hydrate in between vaping sessions to get rid of the flavor fatigue. Water will dissolve the flavor residues in the mouth and give you a fresh rush of flavors every time you vape. It will also rehydrate your body that typically loses water due to the presence of PG in the vape juice.


The large variety of flavored e-juices in the market opens up a whole new world of drool-worthy choices for vapers to try and relish. Use these six practical tips that will make the flavors bolder and more established for the best experience. Also, make sure to buy only high-quality vape juices for a safe and comfortable vaping session.