Advanced Strategies to Win at Rummy Every Time

Advanced Strategies to Win at Rummy Every Time

Card games are more than just good luck. The winning and losing depends on how creative your solutions are. They are about keen observation and concentration. You need to have some patience to win card games as you need to wait for the favorable conditions to make your play. No matter the pace of the game, you should hold your ground and maintain neutral body language.

There are ways you can decipher your competitors’ plans. There are also a few ways you can be extra careful not to give your game away and keep other players guessing. These are especially necessary while playing rummy. Rummy is a game of cards that depends a lot on how you play as well as what other players think you are doing. Here are a few rummy tricks to keep you one step ahead of the game –

  1. Organizing cards – Don’t bunch cards of the same suit together. Keep them according to numbers or alternate. This way, the on-looker will not understand how you plan to use your cards. This helps you evaluate your sets and sequences quickly and avoid discarding a useful card. This way you can
  2. Picking and discarding cards – Avoid picking cards from the open pile as it becomes quite clear what you wish to do with your cards. When you are discarding cards, you might want to start by discarding royals first. Even if you feel a sequence can be made, it is safe to discard them after 3 or 4 rounds as you will lose more points by holding on to these cards than by not declaring first. In case your opponent declares, you will be left with a lot of points.
  3. Quick math – A lot of players work based on probability along with permutations and combinations. If you are a beginner, this may be too confusing and you might take longer to formulate a strategy altogether. The easier way around this is to simply count the number of cards of a particular colour or suit you have. For example, if you have a lot of red colours, it might mean that your opponent has a lot of blacks. If you see your opponent discarding black colour, you can assume that they are looking to make sets or sequences of red. Whichever card they eliminate, is indicative of what they are not planning to do and that helps as well.
  4. Reverse play – Playing rummy is like facing a different situation every time. The cards that your opponent is discarding may be of value to you and you might even pick some of them up. This gives your opponent an idea of what sequence or set you are trying to make. In this case, they might hold on to the cards that are of value to you to build their own game. You can bait the opponent by throwing a card close to your sequence to mislead them and make them give up the card you want. You can also wait for the opponent to discard their pile of royals and see if you can use those to make a sequence of your own.

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