What Is The Advantage Of A Virtual Number Provider?

What Is The Advantage Of A Virtual Number Provider?

The archaic copper-based PSTN Telephony is not something innovative businesses look at. Hosted VoIP services are cost-effective, flexible, and function on a wider basis. A hosted VoIP Solution allows businesses to get benefited from the latest technologies at a cost that only gets lower with time. Ever since their advent, cloud technologies have aided organizations in making their operations and outcomes better. 

For one business to rely on a VoIP-based solution, it needs to replace its existing physical PSTN Systems. VoIP-based solutions come packed with useful features and benefits for businesses to leverage. The features make a lot of sense in current times in which business continuity can be hampered by ever-changing times. 

One of the most common cloud telephony or VoIP-based solutions is Virtual Phone Numbers. A Virtual Phone Number is hosted on the cloud and doesn’t come with physical telephone lines. It is deployed and managed by a Cloud Communication Services Provider and businesses contact these service providers to get a Virtual Number for themselves. 

In essence, a Virtual Number is a phone number that’s not directly related to a physical phone or a wired telephone line. A virtual number, for a business, can be accessed via any device- a physical phone, smartphone, laptop, or desktop via a software application. The business representatives of the organizations are not limited by anything in order to strive for better business service and productivity

For reference, a Virtual Phone Number is put against a business’ operation/service and the hosted VoIP solution would concurrently dial up several smartphones or laptops in the business’ contact center operations as customers ring the business’ for sales or service. It is used by businesses for several processes like Sales, Delivery, Logistics, Support, etc. 

Here are the advantages of having a Virtual Number-

  1. Lower Cost, Higher Benefits-  A Virtual Number is hosted on the cloud hence doesn’t require any physical space or money tied down to the capital. There’s a service provider involved so the server and the backend are managed by them too. Costs like maintenance, repair, upgrades don’t come into the picture so the solution is extremely cost-efficient and entails many benefits.
  2. Supports Remote Work- Since the Virtual Number Provider hosts the solution on the cloud, there are no physical restrictions for a business to operate. In unexpected times like these, a Virtual Number can support remote work and help the business stay unaffected by untoward situations. 
  3. Helps establish a local presence- A business may function globally but it makes sense for a business to get a relatable local number according to its local presence. Also, the likelihood of a customer answering a call from a local number with a known city code is higher as compared to other regions’ numbers. This helps a business have higher call pick-up ratios and other KPIs. 
  4. Ensure round-the-clock service- One of the major benefits of a Virtual Number is that it is not tied down to any physical phone lines. The Virtual Phone Number can be automated to serve customers beyond working hours via IVR, etc. for round-the-clock service. In current times, round-the-clock is a must for businesses looking to have a competitor advantage. 
  5. Easy Portability- Again since a Virtual number is not tied down to a physical address, a business can easily port to other locations when required. It is hosted on the cloud and can ensure that a business doesn’t surprise its customers with new numbers.
  6. Seamless Integration- A Virtual Number can be integrated with the company’s CRM to get a complete customer view. Business Managers can better manage their customer interactions with a Virtual Number. It can be integrated with other cloud communication services like IVR, Marketing Automation Softwares, etc. to have a well-rounded communication strategy. 

In short, a Virtual Phone Number is a great replacement for PSTN Telephony. It’s extremely cost-effective, remote work compatible, and can help a business get better management out of their customer interactions. There are many Virtual Number Providers and a premier name amongst the many is Knowlarity. It is trusted by over 6000 companies across 65+ countries. Their solutions including Virtual Phone Number are truly global and helps aid business communication for companies of all types and sizes. 

Ranny Watson