Captcha Proxies Can Help You Avoid Solving Captchas Forever

Captcha Proxies Can Help You Avoid Solving Captchas Forever

Web scraping or data extraction is an extremely important task for businesses today. It helps companies to act fast and get results based on a statistical analysis of data. Companies use it to source and compile information from their competitors to achieve success. While data extraction is a crucial task it comes with hurdles that the companies try to tackle. While the companies conduct their research through data extraction one of their major hurdles is captcha. Everyone must have heard and seen captcha entries during banking, email verification, etc. This particular test is meant to analyze if the user or visitor is a human or a bot, genuine or fake. Companies performing web scraping are at high risk as the captcha might ruin the entire process of data extraction. For example, if the company’s IP addresses are identified they will be blocked, however, there are ways to bypass captcha with proxies. Captcha proxies help the companies to complete the web scraping without hindering the progress.

What Are CAPTCHA Proxies?

These are crucial to complete web scraping. They trick the websites as different visitors and let the companies make multiple requests to the same website. It protects the company from getting banned let’s just say that if someone tries it with their own IP addresses they will be instantly blocked. In this technically abled world, no one can afford to forget the anti-bot security measures that companies take. Therefore CAPTCHA proxies are extremely useful to evade them. 

How to avoid captcha?

Captchas are the small tests that float around the internet, they are annoying and troublemakers, especially for legitimate digital research. Here are a few ways to avoid these floating tests on the website and accomplish the tasks.

Save the day with rotating proxies

The first technique that companies can use is rotating proxies. Captcha is smart and it identifies if anyone is visiting multiple times from the same IP address and then it blocks it. Hence companies can trick these captcha tests with rotating proxies as it shows different addresses and captcha wouldn’t pin these visits as they come only from one address. With the rotations, you can use different addresses and it won’t trigger captcha.

Additionally, there are two major types in rotating proxies one is a data center and the other is residential. In terms of reliability, the Datacenter proxies usually are not up to the mark when it deals with captcha. However, they are comparatively cheaper so they can be an easy option. Since companies also are working hard to protect their websites most captcha programs can detect most of the suspicious non-residential IP addresses. Thus they can trigger captcha.

Residential proxies usually don’t trigger the captchas. When businesses scrape sites they try to rotate among the residential proxies to trick the website that a bot is a group of humans visiting the site. Proxy pilots identify captchas and in an automated fashion change to a new proxy. So the captchas don’t record the visit.

Randomizing web scraping time

The residential proxies are great to make the bot appear human-like. Additionally, these proxies can make the bot behavior even more human by randomizing the scraping time spent on the website.

There are different ways to randomize the bot’s behavior. Some programs are meant to make the bot act like a human while scraping the site. With a few tricks like time delay in clicks, movement of the mouse, automated tab clicks, etc. The bots can scrape the website without getting blocked by the captchas.

Be careful of honeypots

The proxies should be careful with the honeypot captchas. To ensure better security websites can add honeypot to the forms which are invisible to the visitors because of CSS or JavaScript. They are a great tool that can lure the bots and trap them and they don’t create unnecessary inconvenience as the captchas do. So how to bypass it, it can be overcome by turning on visibility and setting display to ‘appear’. The honeypots can detect if any of the field is different.

Research for a company is as crucial as website security. Today with so many tools coming up every day and each being a smarter and better way to overcome the problems it is very essential to be aware of dealing with captchas. Captcha proxies help the companies to eliminate the risks of being blocked. Residential proxies help the users to access the website without challenge.