MBA in HR- All you need to know about it!

MBA in HR- All you need to know about it!

Businesses aren’t just all about the product or service that is being sold or bought. What really matters are the processes and resources which are being put in. More so, it is really about the people who make it happen. The most important resources in any business are the people who make it happen. MBA in HR is a course that realizes its value and teaches the craft of efficiently managing as well as catering to the needs of your workforce.

An organization’s machines, assets or capital are important but the people who run the company and make sure all processes are smooth, the people who operate the machines and build and manage the capital are the real deal. Efficient management of these resources is highly essential and an MBA in HR leads the path towards understanding the insights of managing human resources.

Every company runs on a certain set of values, visions, and language and an MBA in HR develops the skills to manage the work culture, hire new talent as well as nourish and retain the existing ones. The study requires extensive hands-on training and an insightful perception of human values and ethics. NIU, Noida, and NMIMS, Mumbai are top colleges that develop these necessary skills

What skills does an MBA in HR render you with?

For an HR executive, It is highly necessary to understand people’s motivations and shortcomings and effectively communicate the expectations from them, analyze deliverables and bring about necessary changes to keep the company’s operations and values intact. An MBA in HRteaches individuals these specific skills :

  • Individual Behavior
  • Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Human Resource and Management
  • Economics of Human Resources
  • Quantitative Techniques

Only a basic amount of training can help, rest individuals need to go out into the environment and assess the professional space and a good college like NIU, Noida, and Sage University provide a relevant and hands-on experience beyond the classroom.

Job Opportunities after an MBA in HR

There are a lot of opportunities for an MBA in HR, as there are human resources everywhere. All companies around the world are created and run by these resources and MBA in HRcourses provide a push to one’s career and open up new avenues for jobs that are highly paid and respected. Some of the roles you could fit in are:

  • HR Manager – Talent Acquisition
  • HR Manager – Training
  • HR Manager – Compliance
  • HR teaching professor

The path to the beginning of a wonderful career goes through a college that provides an interactive and professional space for theoretical learning as well as practical experience. An individual goes through their career and contributes to the company with the books of the knowledge they acquired and the tools they harnessed from the two-year program. Here are the top 3 colleges for MBA in HR a student must consider:

1. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur– The institute is one of the biggest brand names for management education in India. The course exercises an advantage over other institutes as it provides quality education coupled with highly informative and engaging workshops and global outreach programs. With a batch size of only 60 students, it stresses the significance of quality over quantity and takes only the cream out of the lot, to be trained for the dynamic and challenging job of managing human resources.

2. SP Jain Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai– Ranked in the list of top 10 colleges for MBA in HR, SPJIMS is an institution that provides its students with the best of both worlds. Located in Mumbai, it massively focuses on practical and hands-on training apart from bookish knowledge. Placements are a strong point as big MNCs frequently visit the campus, seeking the best talent out of the lot.

3. NIU, NOIDA– Located in Noida, the university boasts not just a large infrastructure but also a well-qualified and appealing faculty, who continually push the limits of students and extract the best from them. Especially when it comes to MBA in HR courses, NIU, Noida makes to the list of top colleges in the country.


Each program is unique and offers a varied set of skills. For students of MBA in HR, perception of the human psyche and its subjectivity as well as using it as a tool to benefit an organization is important. It is a difficult task and requires a proper understanding of all factors. Proper education from a good college becomes necessary to kickstart your career on the right path!