10 of The Best Fat Loss Exercise

10 of The Best Fat Loss Exercise

Spare tyres are suitable for your cars and not the belly. Realising that your jeans do not fit you any more may be a reason to cry and to walk inside the gym for losing those extra fats. But many times, gym may not be a feasible option if you have a tight schedule. But nothing is impossible if you have will power and a strong mind set. If you have some clear weight loss goals, then there are many fat loss training exercises that you can try at home too. So if you are someone on a weight loss mission then here are few fat burning exercises that you can try out while sweating it out.


Skipping and jumping ropes are not just for kids, it’s one of the most effective exercise to burn your fats. It is a basic exercise that everyone can try out without walking into the gym if you have a skipping rope at home. It can help in toning your body top to bottom. You can start with short time durations say about two minutes and further increase it to get effective results. You just need to hold the skipping rope from both the sides, Spin the rope towards the front, and skip to pass over the rope when it comes down your feet.


This is a part of high-intensity workout, and you can sweat out some good amount of fat if you happen to practice this exercise. For this, you need to put your feet together with hands placed on the hips. Now you need to put your right leg towards the front and bend it in a posture until your leg makes a right angle (90 degrees). Now being in the same position, you need to take a jump, and while being in the air, you need to switch your foot. It means when you come down, your left leg should be forward. Keep repeating this for a minute or so and increase your duration according to your strength and ability.


Boxing may seem to you as a sportsmen game, but it is also a fat loss training exercise that can help you in burning flabby fats. It is just like interval training and a punching bag, and boxing gloves are all that you need to start with. Boxing and fat burning go in hand, so try it out to lose those flabs. To be precise- ‘four weeks’, four weeks of regular boxing can get you some amazing results in fact more than what you can expect by walking, jogging or running.


Running is again a basic form of exercise that you can try out every morning and evening. Running is not only for the athletes to win a match but for every one of us who wishes to lose weight in some quick time. Researchers at the University of Michigan, after a study, concluded that 15-20 minutes of daily running, 3-times a week could increase more mineral density. On the other hand, it is said that a person who weighs about 70 kgs can easily burn about 300 calories a day if they run for half an hour covering 10kms in an hour. But make sure that you follow a proper diet along with your running workout session to get the best results.


Swimming is a good all-round activity. In 2010, study performed by Australian researcher Kay Cox on a group of inactive healthy women gave hard-to-believe results. One group started walking and one group started swimming with the same intensity – confirmed by a heart rate monitor. A year after the stud was commenced; it was found that the swimmers have lost 1.1 kilograms than the group that was walking. Swimming daily can burn about eight hundred calories in an hours’ time. Freestyle stroke and breaststrokes can help you attain the goal of losing hundreds of calories in an hour. To gain maximum output, you can try out freestyle strokes and swimming four lengths with regular breaks of 15 seconds. Further, you can add backstrokes and alternate freestyle to your swimming routine for an efficient fat burning target. It can be a complimenting exercise to other basic exercises such as jogging, walking, skipping, etc. So what are you waiting for? Just splash down the water and start losing those fats that you never want to see back again.


Planks can help you lose some good amount of fats by practising it regularly. For this, you need to have a mat, and you are good to go. So first you need to kneel down on your yoga mat with your hands and legs both keeping your hands just below your shoulders. Now you need to push your leg towards the back just like a plank. While stretching, make sure that your body is fully straight. Now put force on your legs and hands so that it stays firm on the mat offering support to your body. Stay in this position for about two minutes and come down to a relaxed position with all your fours (hands and legs). Initially, you may find trouble doing it, and though planks are not easy, it can give you some unexpected results.


Squats is one of the best fat training exercises that you can implement in your life if you are tired of heavy butts and thighs. The core and lower body is engaged when you try out squats, thus giving you some awesome results to burn off your fats. You can mostly find athletes and bodybuilders practising this exercise, which helps in toning the lower body. Once you are familiarised with practising regular squats, then you can bring in variations by doing barbell squats, jump squats, pistol squats, etc. for the best results.


Burpees is another fat loss training exercise that can help in fast fat burning. It is a form of HIIT training that you can try out to shed belly fat. You just need to do it correctly and get some sure shot results in an hours’ time. Burpees are really effective if for losing sagging belly fat and as a beginner you can start with eight sets of 12 burpees further increasing it by ten sets. It increases your heart beat rate and metabolism further burning the consumed calories. So get engaged in some core burpees and see how you become a possessor of a toned body.

Kettlebell swing

For this exercise, you need to place your feet a bit wide than your hip width. Now next you have to hold two kettlebells each in one hand towards your front. Now start with some slight squats by pressing your hips in the forward direction while standing up and swinging the kettle towards the top. Lower down your arms and get back to the squat position. Keep repeating it in sets and see the results. This exercise is an ideal one for burning your calories and can give you some right fitness goals.


If you love to shake your legs, then Zumba maybe just a fun way out to lose those fats. If you don’t like hitting the gym and prefer dancing instead, then Zumba may be the best thing that you can try out to kick-start your weight loss mission. Just enrol yourself for Zumba classes, and the trainer can tell you all the secrets of losing weight with Zumba.

So now since you know the top fat burning exercises, five, four, three, two one, get started and lose those inches to stay fit, fine and healthy.