Make The Golf Course Grass Smooth With John Deere Golf Mowers!

Make The Golf Course Grass Smooth With John Deere Golf Mowers!

Are you an avid golfer or like to watch golfers while playing the tournament? Whatever category you fall in, you must have wondered at least once about how the mowers keep the golf course so smooth and playable? True, Right?

The turfgrass region covers about 40 million acres of land in the United States. To keep up with the maintenance process of the golf course and maintain a healthy lawn – it is recommended to mow the greens upto 3 inches in length. You may try on your own to make a good site to play; however, it is best to leave it to professionals or purchase John Deere golf course mowers online to carry it out accurately. 

Moving forward, the biggest question is how do the golf courses keep the grass surface smooth for the golfers? Here are the five primary steps involved in the correct order of their importance:

  • Choosing The Right Grass For The Site

You may not have realized that choosing the right grass for the site plays a great role in making the course smooth to play. Most struggle a person does is while selecting from the variety of turfgrass species. Each species has its attributes, just like any other plant. Therefore, choosing the right turfgrass species that performs excellently at a low cutting height is important for golfers to make a smooth grass surface. 

  • Height And Frequency Of Mowing

These are another two most important steps to study before entering into maintenance practices. For the golf course- the cutting height of the turfgrass must not be any greater than 0.189 inches. However, this height is rather too tall to maintain a smooth playing surface. Additionally, the grass must be mowed with John Deere golf mowers almost every day to maintain the perfect playing surface. One can manage low cutting height and high mowing frequency only with a mower as it will fill in the voids by forcing the grass to grow. 

  • Fertility Of The Ground

It is very important to choose a ground with a high fertility rate. The ground must possess the right amount of nitrogen to allow the grass to grow and fill in the barren area. The higher the fertility rate of the ground, the smoother the ground is for playing golf. 

  • Topdressing The Ground With Sand 

It is yet another essential way to keep the turfgrass surface smooth and firm. The ground’s top dressing with sand was initiated by randomly throwing shovels of sand on the course before putting greens. After that, a mat is used to drag the sand into the canopy. However, as the trend has evolved, many types of equipment have come into action. The equipment is dedicated to working with precision to top dress with sand, put greens and even smooth down the field. With professional equipment, one can keep the surface firm and smooth even under high foot traffic. 

  • Rolling 

The final step involved in maintaining a smooth surface for playing golf is rolling. It may look like an old looking mechanical practice, but it is rather an important step in this process. Rolling adds many benefits to the ground, and creating a smooth surface is one of the most important benefits. The longer the ball is rolled on the ground, the more the customer is satisfied with the golf course. 

Final Words:

Besides these, many other practices aid in creating and maintaining a smooth turfgrass surface. But those steps are more or less related to the health and maintenance of the greens. Therefore, if you follow the mentioned steps, you will get the desired long-term results in a minimum time. 

Ranny Watson