Essential oil and mood management | How do essential oils uplift your mood?

Essential oil and mood management | How do essential oils uplift your mood?

Have you ever observed how we are bound to our habits? The habit of eating unhealthy, habit of exercising or not exercising, even habit of feeling bad or good. Our feelings are also bound to our habits. Getting confused? Stay with us and you will understand what we are trying to say. 

We, being creatures of habit, are somewhere scared of any kind of change. This fear of change tends to cause emotions like irritation, stress, sadness, and even anger and frustration. Our body is comfortable feeling the same emotions. Despite being addicted to feeling the same kind of emotions every day, we are capable enough to hack into our operating system, brain and our limbic system to change these settings.  

Essential oils help you do just that. It has been scientifically proven that our sense of smell is the strongest and the most sensitive. The question is why? Usually, the scents tend to directly interact with our brain immediately after the fragrance reaches our nose. This immediately connects the olfactory bulbs inside our nose cavity. These olfactory bulbs are responsible for sending messages to all the primitive parts of our brain which is also referred to as the limbic system. In simple words, we can say that the limbic system is the warehouse of memories where all your emotions are stored. In addition to this, the limbic system is also responsible for managing your mood, emotions, responses, and even sex drive. 

With essential oils, you can actually interact with this limbic system. There are certain types of essential oils that can actually alter the addictive cycle that has been set in your brain and elevate your mood. This is simply amazing. By simply taking a whiff of essential oils you can raise the frequency of the body, boosting the mood. Well, the divine fragrance of the essential oils brings a good kind of mood alteration in humans. 

Here, we are going to share with you a list of the best essential oils for boosting your mood. 

i) Rose essential oil 

Rose essential oil is known to be a very effective oil when it comes to elevating your mood. This oil is known to induce a relaxing effect while reducing the adrenaline levels by 30%. This calming essential oil is perfect for those who are looking to boost their mood. 

ii) Peppermint essential oil 

Another very famous essential oil to boost your mood is peppermint essential oil. This is the oil that when sniffed tends to increase the energy levels in your body, making you more active and reducing stress. This oil is also known to ward off caffeine urges. 

iii) Lemon oil

Citrus essential oils are always good when it comes to mood-lifting. Adding this oil to the diffuser can help awaken your nerves while soothing your anger and getting rid of the bad mood. 
These are some very effective essential oils that are known for their mood-elevating properties. So, if you are booking for the uplifting essential oils, all you need to do is buy either one of these oils from Nature’s Fusion. They have the best quality of oils in the market.

Ranny Watson