Ajmal – Buy Ajmal Perfumes | All About Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal – Buy Ajmal Perfumes | All About Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal perfumes were founded by Haji Ajmal Ali in the early 1950s in Assam, India. The first store of Ajmal perfumes was being set up in Dubai in 1976. He started this business with a small capital of Rs. 500 into his home state before moving to Mumbai and it has now become the most popular brand in India as compared to the other brands. This brand is having several varieties of perfumes that are available for both men and women. Ajmal is having a strong presence in the Middle East. It is an Indian luxury brand. There are all 135 retail outlets including 42 in the UAE. It was first created in 2001. It is now having a presence of forty e-commerce sites and has become the biggest single brand perfumery in India.

Type of Ajmal Perfumes:

This perfume is available in various varieties such as – Ajmal Kuro. Ajmal Aurum, Ajmal Shine, Ajmal Blu, Ajmal Aristocrat, Ajmal Shadow, Ajmal Zeal, Ajmal Friction, Ajmal Carbon, Ajmal Amber Wood, Ajmal Sacrifice, Ajmal Raindrops and many more. Ajmal perfumes consist of scent with the lemon, blackcurrant, plum, Jasmine sandalwood, white musk due to which the fragrance is being created and it is being purchased by many customers all over India as it ensures good quality and along with that it contains natural products in it.

Ajmal is having a vast portfolio of over 300 of the most captivating and finest fragrances. Ajmal perfumes are also contributing significantly to philanthropic activities by contributing 10% of Ajmal’s group net profits every year. These funds are further being used for treating the underprivileged and deserved people free of cost in the hospitals, providing free education to the children in orphanages, schools, and colleges which also includes offering vocational training to youth.

Here are the Top Selling Ajmal Perfumes-

1. Ajmal Sacrifice For HER EDP 50ml Floral perfume for Women – Made in Dubai

2. Ajmal Senora EDP 75ml Floral perfume for Women- Made in Dubai

3. Ajmal Regina EDP 100ml Fruity perfume for Women- Made in Dubai

4. Ajmal Zeal EDP 100ml Spicy perfume for Men – Made in Dubai

5. Ajmal Aristocrat EDP 75ml Fresh Perfume for Men – Made in Dubai

Ajmal Perfumes in India

Oudh is an Agarwood tree from around 25 to 30 years. Agarwood trees have been planted at a very large scale to ensure the proper availability of Oudh both in terms of quantity and quality. Oudh is one of the special ingredients which is used to put fragrance in the perfumes that makes Ajmal perfumes unique and different from that of other brands. As per the reports it has been estimated that the Indian perfume market is around Rs.3000 crore and will likely to grow and become around Rs.5000 crore by year the 2024. Due to its good fragrance, it has built up a good clientele and has become a competitor of the other brands.

Ajmal Perfumes Net Worth

This company is having a current net worth of Rs.43.27 crore. The main strategy that is being followed by Ajmal Company is establishing the price which the consumers can easily afford. They also ensure and monitor the product preferences and behavior of the consumers which enables them in understanding the kind of fragrances people will going to prefer in the market. Ajmal perfumes have also partnered with Shoppers stop thereby ensuring the stability, scalability of the brand, and sustainability. It has also been listed in the trade list of the verified sellers that tend to offer supreme quality of Amaya and Mukhallat Al Wafaa. In Mumbai, the supplier company is located and it is the leading seller among all the listed products. One of the biggest challenges being faced by our company during the time of pandemic is making the products available to our customers as per their desire and maintaining relations with them.