Upcoming December Global Holidays in 2022

Upcoming December Global Holidays in 2022

December is considered to be one of the best months for spending quality time with friends and family moreover it is full of lots of December global holidays, celebrations, fun, and travel. Whereas December Global Holidays is the best time for meeting with family members, friends, home gathering, and exchanging gifts with each other. December Global Holidays consists of various festivals such as – Hannukah, World AIDS Day, Santa Lucia, Yule, Christmas, Festivus, Boxing Day, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve, Omisoka, Las Posadas, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Krampusnacht, Bodhi Day, and Human Rights Day. 

Let us discuss all of the most popular December Global Holidays in 2022 in detail.  

1. Krampusnacht

Date: 6th December 2022

Krampusnacht in 2022

This festival is celebrated on 6th December in the parts of Europe. It is also known as Krampus Night. Krampus is a mythical beast that is half goat and half demon. It consists of horns, fangs, and cowbells on his waist along with that it has a switch that is mainly used to whip especially the naughty children. Nowadays people used to dress up as Krampus and chase the spectators on the streets. 

2. Hannukah

Date: December 18th 2022 to December 26th 2022


It is one of the major December Global holidays in which Jewish people met with their friends and family. Hannukah is being celebrated for eight days from 18th December to 26th December. It is also termed the festival of lights. The food items being consumed during this festival are potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts. This festival is being celebrated in around 21 countries in the world. Another candle is also lighted after eight days of celebration and this candle is known as shamash or helper which is mainly used to light the other candles. 

3. Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Date: 8th December 2022


Feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated on 8th December every year to pay tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary. On this day a special prayer is being done with the name of ‘novena’ as it is sung 9 times in a row to ask for help. There is a belief that Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ. Celebrations on this consist of cultural dancing, grand fireworks, and religious, parades and military processions. It is generally considered Family Day. 

4. St Nicholas Day

Date: 6th December 2022

St.-Nicholas-Day 2022

Saint Nicholas Day observed on December 6 in the America. The legendary personality of St. Nicholas is derived from Nicholas of Myra, who directed as a bishop in the 4th century. During his existence, he developed a respect for gift-giving by inserting coins into other people’s shoes, which considers for many of today’s Christmas beliefs that include leaving gifts in shoes or boots.

The children in families who celebrate St Nicholas’ Day receive treats – including candy, fruit, cookies, or small toys on December 6 in socks, shoes, stockings, or bags. Some churches have unique services dedicated to the feast of St Nicholas day.


5. Santa Lucia Day 

Date: December 13th 2022 

Santa Lucia Day

On 13th December Santa Lucia Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the Lucia of Syracuse. This day is celebrated in Sweden depicting the symbol of hope and light. One of the common traditions that are being followed on this day is wearing a wreath of candles on the head. Children are being gifted with the items of fruits, candies, and cookies. Concerts are also being held on this day and singers used to wear white dresses and headdresses along with shiny candles. 

6. Festivus 

Date: 23rd December 2022 

Festivus is National Holiday in December that is being celebrated on 23rd December every year. Term Festivus means lively, jovial, and excellent which has been derived from the word Festus. Here is another custom that is being done on this day is the head of the family selects one person from the family and challenges him for a wrestling match. The people used to stand around an aluminum pole to celebrate this day. One of the reasons for celebrating this day is to speak out against Christmas consumerism. Other rituals on this festival include disclosure and achievement of power. 

7. Kwanza

Date: 26 December 2022 to 1st January 2023

Kwanza in 2022


Kwanza is a 7-day festival that is celebrated and comprised of seven principles. Here is the list of seven principles – Faith, Purpose, Unity, Self – Determination, Cooperative Economics, Creativity, and Collective Responsibility. Another name for these seven principles is Nguzo Saba. The term Nguzo Saba means guiding principles for behavior or in other words, it could be termed as Ethics and Morality. People used to light candles on each day of the celebration and along with that share food and gifts. On this day the family members on each day of the festival come together to light one candle at the candleholder and there they use to discuss principles a day.

8. Christmas Day

Date: 25th December 2022

Merry-Christmas-Santa 2022

It is being celebrated on 25th December. On this day Jesus came down to earth, so he is the savior who has brought joy and hope, and due to this reason that people celebrate Christmas Day Eve. The people used to visit Church to mark happiness on this auspicious day. Christmas Day is being celebrated around the world. Americans celebrated this day by decorating Christmas trees and meeting Santa Claus and giving away gifts to each other. It is usually celebrated by Christians. Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ in which people visit the church and sing carols, prayers, and light candles, On, this day parents give gifts to their children. Before one day cards are also being exchanged among each other.

9. Omisoka

Date: 31st December 2022


Omisoka is a Japanese festival and is being celebrated on the last day of the year. On this day the friends and family meet with each other and have a special dinner at home. It is called New Year’s Eve for the Japanese people. As nowadays people of Japan have started using the Georgian calendar so this day is being celebrated. A tradition of eating long noodles is commonly followed by the people on this day to cross over from one year to next. On this the people used to eat rice cakes and homes are also decorated as a part of this celebration.

10. Las Posadas

Date: 26th December 2022 to 1st January 2023

Las Posadas 2022

This day is about the journey of the blessed Joseph and Virgin Mary. It is being celebrated from 26th December to 1st January in some parts of the United States. There is a short story behind celebrating Las Posadas is that both Mary and Joseph were searching for a shelter but no one is ready to shelter them. So, finally after a long struggle sometimes they can find shelter and that’s why for cherishing the hospitality this day is being celebrated. The people from the neighborhood bring food items such as candy, pinatas, and food so that it would lessen the burden and it does not only cost to the host’s family. 

11. Boxing Day 

Date: 26th December 2022

december global holidays

This day usually falls just the next day after Christmas that is on 26th December. The tradition that is being followed on Boxing Day is by giving boxes of food and distributing money to the poor and servants. Boxing Day is an admiration of services and the people could praise all those who work for them such as guards, postmen, workers, and cooks. Gifts, prizes, and appreciation notes are being given to them especially on this day to make them feel happy and to appreciate them for all support and the duties they perform on regular basis. On this day servants too are given a day off to celebrate the festival with their family and friends. 

12. New Year’s Eve 

Date: 31st December 2022

december global holidays

It is the end of December Global Holidays and it marks the change from one year to another which is full of lots of happiness and hope. New Year is being celebrated in different ways such as some used to visit places of worship to thank god and others goes to restaurants, concerts. It takes place during midnight in which people used to dance burst firecrackers and play songs to welcome the beginning of another year. The last day of the year that is 31st December is termed New Year’s Eve. 

13. Yule

Date: 21st December 2022

Yule, The December Global Holiday is celebrated on 21st December and is also known as Yuletide which is being celebrated mainly by German people around the world. This day is majorly celebrated to reflect short days and longer nights. It is considered one of the chilliest days of December Global Holidays and is also called by another name Winter Solstice. Some of the common fun practices take place that includes candles put inside the paper bag and decorating evergreen tree. It is the celebration of the winter solstice. During this festival crops are being harvested to make a meal, gifts are being exchanged among the loved ones and trees are also being decorated.

14. World AIDS Day

Date: 1st December 2022

World AIDS Day is always celebrated on 1st December every year to spread awareness and support all those who are suffering from HIV or AIDS. This day was first observed in the year 1988. It is being commonly celebrated to remember all those who have lost their lives due to illness related to AIDS. On this day many people get the opportunity to share their experiences with those who are being infected by HIV/AIDS. Medicines are now easily available for their prevention and keep them healthy and protect them to get infected further. 

15. Bodhi Day 

Date: 8th December 2022

Every year on 8th December Bodhi Day is celebrated in order to enlighten Siddharth Gautam. It is a special day for all Buddhists. It is also called the birthday of Sambuddha. This day is being celebrated to enlighten the achievements of Siddharth GautamIn Japan, Bodhi Day is named by another name is Rohatsu. He mediated in Bodh Gaya under a Peepal tree which is now known as Bodhi Tree. All the Buddhists tend to consider as the most sacred site of pilgrimage. Food items that are being consumed on this day by people are cookies and tea. Bodhi trees which are grown near the banks of the Falgun River are being decorated very beautifully to celebrate this occasion. 

16. Human Rights Day  

Date: 10th December 2022

This day is being celebrated on 10th December every year all over the world. It consists of a list of documents containing fundamental rights which every person must follow regardless of gender, caste, religion, and nationality. The main principle of human rights is equality and non – discrimination. On this day the United Nations Generally Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. All human beings have equal rights and freedom.