Top 3 Muscle Building Supplements to Gain Muscle Fast

Top 3 Muscle Building Supplements to Gain Muscle Fast

You can gain muscle quickly with some amazing muscle-building supplements. A proper training program that changes and adds more loads to your body to build muscle is the best way to do so. While a proper nutrition program is essential for success, there are muscle building supplements that can help you get the boost you need to reach your goals.

BCAA’s – Branched Chain Amino acids

In recent years, branched chain amino acids have been a popular choice for muscle building. Although they’ve been around for some time, their proper implementation has made them one of the most popular steroid alternatives. BCAA’s include the three amino acids Leucine and Isoleucine as well as Valine. These are the most easily broken down amino acids during intense weight training. They are great for your muscles and can be taken before and after a workout. They are quick to help rebuild muscle tissue after a workout. BCAA’s can be taken with protein, but they can also be used in conjunction with a protein drink to increase muscle building.

BCAA’s can be taken pre-workout in a dose as low as 5 grams or as high as 20 grams. The higher dose in capsules is difficult to obtain so you should consider taking a powdered form of BCAA’s that can be added to a drink such as Scivations Xtend. Xtend has received great reviews. The most common complaint about BCAA powder is its taste. Xtend is highly solubilized in water and has a wonderful taste. Xtend BCAA is a supplement that can be safely used to build muscle.

USP Labs Prime

USP Prime is derived from a special extract of Tribulus. Tribulus has been used over the centuries to increase testosterone levels and libido. Tribulus Aquaticus is the name of the Tribulus found within Prime. It does not appear to work via hormonal means, which is quite interesting. This is a great product that I have personally tried and loved. Although it does have a downside, it has real results and is free of side effects. This is why it is one of my favorite muscle-building supplements. You can read the USP Labs Prime Reviews to see what others have to say.


Creatine Monohydrate was first introduced in the late 90’s. It made a significant impact on the supplement industry. Finally, a muscle-building supplement was available that actually worked to increase strength and muscle. There are many options, but I recommend creatine monohydrate. It was expensive a decade ago, but it is now possible to get it for as low as $5 per month. If you are serious about building muscle mass quickly, this should be your staple. Because it works, this is one of the best muscle building supplements. It will increase your strength and volumize your muscles tissue, making them look bigger. Your muscles will be more able to produce maximum power and new growth if they are well hydrated. Creatine isn’t effective in 10% of those who try it. Creatine monohydrate doesn’t work for everyone. You can try creatine ethyl ester, which is more expensive and seems to absorb better in people who aren’t responding.

You should look for safe and effective muscle building supplements that will help you gain muscle quickly. These supplements are all backed by me personally and I include them in my steroid alternative arsenal for quick muscle growth.